I am an ID proponent. I post on alt.atheism, talk.origins and others I welcome blog/forum replies of any kind or to IDadvocacy@yahoo.com // My background is engineering and design. I am open minded, have no predetermined agenda, and am working on new methods of verifying and falsifying new hypotheses. I feel that at some point, computerized modeling will be able to duplicated the evolutionary process beyond species, or if not, then falsify it based on those trials.
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Sarah Palin Unlikely to Push Evolution Issue was ‘Creation Science Enters the Race’

No sooner was Sarah Palin’s candidacy announced, than the Anchorage Daily republished an October 2006 article giving highlights of the then gubernatorial race between three candidates, Palin being one. Almost immediately, the paper has been deluged with request for comments, interviews, and transcripts to feed the frenzy, keeping their editors and writers quite busy.

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Open Inquiry: the New Science Standard

In Kitzmiller et al vs Dover, the issue over whether or not Darwinian Evolution could be allowed critical evaluation by students, rather than be presented as established fact, was settled once and for all. Furthermore, any consideration of an alternate theory was off the table. All across the land, scientists cheered, since at least for […]

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Terry Gross interviews Richard Dawkins and Francis Collins

Richard Dawkins and Francis Collins are at it again, however not face to face this time, but as guests on alternate days on NPR’s ‘Fresh Air’ with Terry Gross. She asks pertinent questions but as always, remains objective, taking no position on either side. In Wednesday’s interview, Dawkins takes a moment reading from page 15 […]

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Debate between Alister McGrath and Peter Atkins

A special debate between Alister McGrath, Professor of Historical Theology at Oxford University, author of “Dawkins’ God” and “The Dawkins Delusion” and Peter Atkins, Professor of Chemistry at Oxford University, well-known atheist and supporter of Richard Dawkins. As seen on Channel 4’s “The trouble with atheism”. This event was organised jointly by The University of […]

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‘The ID Files’, Interviews with Salvador Cordova, Michael Behe and more …

SciPhi guy Jason Renie has put up a free online Audiobook, actually a set of four interviews with proponents and detractors of ID. The other two Interviews are with Michael Shermer and Nick Matzke. Go here. Comments I just posted at the site: “First let me applaud Jason Rennie for some interesting dialogues. In his […]

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Why “You Evolved, Darnit!” Is Bad Ed. Policy

Do you believe in ‘individual liberty, limited government, free markets, and peace’? These are some of the CATO Institute’s principles, and if you agree, then you may well agree with Andrew J. Coulson’s latest pronouncement regarding mandated school policies, not the least of which is prohibiting the mere mention of alternate scientific theories of origins, […]

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Clearly it’s Time to Revisit ID’s ‘Explanatory Filter’, even if Barbara Forrest Doesn’t Think So …

Casey Luskin has posted an interesting response (part II) to Barbara Forrest’s Kitzmiller Account, Here he addresses Dr. Forrest’s usage of quotations from ID proponents: http://www.evolutionnews.org/2006/09/response_to_barbara_forrests_k_1.html As is typical in the Evo camp, Dr. Forrest attempts to make the usual conflation of ID and religion by quoting Phillip Johnson and William Dembski. Many cite Johnson […]