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“Punctuated Evolution”

In this week’s Nature, an analysis of the human genome has shown tracing 4,692 homologous recombinations backwards in time leads to “24 distinct groups”. They say their work supports a “‘punctuated’ model of evolution.” I don’t have access to the entire article (maybe somebody does), but the language contained in the abstract is the kind […]

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“Is Belief in Divine Creation Rational?”

I just received this by email. Check out the link given. Some time back, David Anderson provided UD with high-quality amusement here. Dear friend, I’m contacting you with this because you’ve given me some previous encouragement, posted a link, or been in contact in some other way in the debate over Darwinism, creation, intelligent design, […]

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GA This!

The concept of IC is that an IC system has no *functioning* precursors with the same function. Zachriel’s program (and other similar programs randomly generating phrases) don’t challenge IC because the target phrases do not have functioning precursors. As in, they do have precursors but they do not provide the same meaning. Thus, if IC […]

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Dodgen Daily

In a post a couple of days ago I asked the class to discuss a little computer program designed to “illustrate” natural selection.  Of course, the class jumped all over it and easily demonstrated how ludicrous the program’s assumptions were.  That day I got the following emai: First, let me agree that the simulation does […]