Intelligent Design

The Sri Aurobindo International Center in India

The Sri Aurobindo International Center of Education, in Pondicherry, India, has recently launched a new on-line journal Anti-Matters , which naturally has a strong Eastern flavor, but is solidly anti-materialist and anti-Darwinist; it provides further evidence that ID, at least the rejection of Darwinism, is not a uniquely American Christian phenomenon. The editor, Ulrich Mohrhoff […]

The Design of Life

We have the hat, but where’s that rabbit? High levels of information in “simple” life forms

In Tuesday night, a guest speaker spoke to my adult night school class in why there is an intelligent design controversy. He talked about the central problem of evolution: The fact that high levels of information are present in life forms that are supposed to be early and simple. Some guests attended the talk, and one […]

The Design of Life

Human Origins: The Darwinian left discovers “group selection”

At the Huffington Post, Dan Agin has announced that  Dawkins’s famous selfish gene is laid off. Terminated. Pink slipped. Out of a job: For nearly half a century, the evolution of human behavior has been presented to the public framed by the ideas of Edward O. Wilson, Richard Dawkins, and a cohort of sociobiologists, evolutionary psychologists, and media gene-mongers. The […]

The Design of Life

Darwinism and popular folklore: Neanderthal man died out on account of equal opportunity?

Music to some ears this: According to a recent article in the boston Globe, Neanderthal man died out because Neanderthal woman had to help him hunt. The Neanderthal extinction some 30,000 years ago remains one of the great riddles of evolution, with rival theories blaming everything from genocide committed by “real” humans to prehistoric climate […]

The Design of Life

Publisher braces for controversy as definitive book on intelligent design hits market

NEWS Release  Contact: Aaron Cook at TimePiece PR & Marketing   (214) 520-3430 or FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Publisher braces for controversy as definitive book on intelligent design hits market  DALLAS – November 19, 2007 – The Foundation for Thought and Ethics has just published The Design of Life. This definitive book on intelligent design […]