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Caroline Crocker’s new website, and where the real action is

I’m pleased to announce the IDEA Center’s new Executive Director has just rolled out her own website: I met with Dr. Crocker recently at a screening of the movie Expelled. She will be featured prominently in the movie! The Darwinists have framed the ID debate as being about what should and should not be […]

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“No process can result in a net gain of information” underlies 2LoT

Further to Granville Sewell‘s work on the 2nd Law in an open system, here is Duncan & Semura profound insight into how loss of information is the foundation for the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics. This appears foundational to the understanding and development and testing of origin theories and consequent change in physical and biotic systems. […]

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Bird Brains, GN&C, and ID

For many years I was an avid hang glider pilot, and one of my specialties in aerospace R&D is Guidance, Navigation and Control software development for precision-guided airdrop systems. During many of my hang glider flights I had the opportunity to observe, from an unusual perspective, hawks in their native environment — the air. Flying […]

The Design of Life

More evidence that Darwin’s theory of natural selection as the origin of new species is wrong.

From Jane Harris-Zsovan’s recent story at Design of Life blog: Darwin’s theory of natural selection requires offspring to diverge from a common ancestor to create new species. It requires genetic differences to increase as descendants adapt to their environmental niches. It is this ‘natural selection’ and ‘adaptation’ that creates species. And, as the newly created […]

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Leibniz: “machines of nature” >> “all artificial automata”

{Frost122585and Gerry Rzeppa started an interesting off topic train of thought on Leibniz and design of “machines of nature” vs “artificial automata” that is worth its own thread. I copied those posts below and will delete the others. DLH} ——————- Frost122585 In Leibniz’s Monadology he talks about the difference between man made art and the […]