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Thoughts on Parameterized vs. Open-Ended Evolution and the Production of Variability

Many of the advocates of neo-Darwinism argue that abilities of evolution is obvious. The idea is that, given variability in a population, selection and/or environmental change will cause a population to move forward in fitness. Basically, the formula is variability + overproduction + selection = evolution. The problem is that the equation hinges on “variability” and its abilities to create the kinds of variations the Darwinists need.


My op-ed piece in The Calgary Herald – Albertans right to reject Darwinian evolution

My op-ed piece published in The Calgary Herald, Saturday, August 16, 2008, responding to radio host and commentator Rob Breakenridge, with links to sources: In rebuttal – Theory needs a paramedic, not more cheerleaders Denyse O’Leary Re “What is it about evolution theory that Albertans don’t get?” (August 12, 2008), Rob Breakenridge has cobbled together […]

Intelligent Design

The Design of the Solar System

We’ve come a long way since Laplace’s nebular hypothesis… Solar System Is Pretty Special, According To New Computer Simulation ScienceDaily (Aug. 8, 2008) — Prevailing theoretical models attempting to explain the formation of the solar system have assumed it to be average in every way. Now a new study by Northwestern University astronomers, using recent […]