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Is “Darwinism” a term only used by creationists?

Well, either the people behind the trade journal Genome Research are creationists or the term is used by everyone else too. Genomics and Darwinism Genome Research is now accepting submissions for a special issue, entitled Genomics and Darwinism, devoted to comparative and evolutionary genomics, including primary research reporting novel insights in large-scale quantitative and population […]

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Nerve gene “origin” in sponges =>Frontloading?

h/t to fBast: “Ooooh, stop the presses! New thread, somebody? See: Origin of Nerves traced to Sponges, it seems that sponges don’t have nerve cells, but they know how to grow ‘em. This smacks very loudly of front-loading.” ———————————– Abstract: “We are pretty confident it was after the sponges split from trunk of the tree […]

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Human evolution: But who had decided that the Neanderthals were dumb in the first place?

“New Evidence Debunks ‘Stupid’ Neanderthal Myth” chirps the ScienceDaily release: Research by UK and American scientists has struck another blow to the theory that Neanderthals (Homo neanderthalensis) became extinct because they were less intelligent than our ancestors (Homo sapiens). The research team has shown that early stone tool technologies developed by our species, Homo sapiens, […]

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Cognitive Dissonance: Save the Bats or Save the Planet?

A tough choice for teh environmentalist whackos if I ever saw one. Wind Turbines Give Bats the “Bends,” Study Finds Brian Handwerk for National Geographic News August 25, 2008 Wind turbines can kill bats without touching them by causing a bends-like condition due to rapidly dropping air pressure, new research suggests. Scientists aren’t sure why, […]

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Micro RNAs and Design inference. “MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are known to regulate gene expression at the level of translation, but how does this affect what proteins are produced? Two recent papers have shown that individual miRNAs can affect the expression of hundreds of proteins. One known as miR-223 seems to function as a rheostat to finely adjust protein output. Another […]

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Humor: Google Trends

Ever wonder what Science Bloggers do when they’re not science blogging? Wonder no longer. Top Five Things Science Blog Readers Search For: 1. scotch tape mosquito bites 2. kate beckinsale 3. sponge bob 4. bruce lee 5. britney spears Interesting (if you’re a 12 year old). Top Five Blogs Science Blog Readers Also Visit […]


If the Darwinists are right and Fuller is wrong, we cannot hope to understand nature

In the post below, where U Warwick sociologist Steve Fuller replies to the attempted hatchet job by third-rate Darwin hack Sahotra Sarkar, I think this point made by Fuller is especially critical: The overarching sense of scientific progress and its concomitant faith in greater explanatory unity and increased predictive control of nature over time: All […]

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In the Face of an Aspiring Baboon

In the Face of an Aspiring Baboon: A Response to Sahotra Sarkar’s Review of Science vs. Religion? Introduction Some will wonder why I expend such great effort in responding to Sahotra Sarkar’s negative review of my Science vs. Religion? I offer four reasons: (1) The review was published in the leading on-line philosophy reviews journal […]