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information theory

Eric Holloway: Does information weigh something after all? What if it does?

Holloway: If [Melvin] Vopson is correct we now have a mystery because his theory is in tension with the conservation of energy. The only solution is that the system is not closed. So where is the opening in the system? If the system is physically closed, then the influx of information must come from outside the physical realm. Read More ›

At Mind Matters News: GWT: A leading consciousness theory depends on information theory

If information flow in the brain is “largely unconstrained” by anatomical wiring, it’s easy to understand why we sense that we have “minds” apart from our brains. Read More ›

Why Thomas Huxley was wrong about monkeys, typing forever, producing Shakespeare

Russ White: It is not enough, as Turing proposed, to trick a person into thinking a computer is a person. Somewhere there must be a person who intends this result. If the artificial intelligence cannot provide that intent, then the person who designs the system must. Read More ›

Thoughts on Parameterized vs. Open-Ended Evolution and the Production of Variability

Many of the advocates of neo-Darwinism argue that abilities of evolution is obvious. The idea is that, given variability in a population, selection and/or environmental change will cause a population to move forward in fitness. Basically, the formula is variability + overproduction + selection = evolution. The problem is that the equation hinges on "variability" and its abilities to create the kinds of variations the Darwinists need. Read More ›