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Baylor, Incoming President Kenneth Starr, and Intelligent Design

Incoming Baylor University President to honor Intelligent Design professor 12:00 AM CDT on Thursday, April 1, 2010 By GROMER JEFFERS Jr. | The Dallas Morning News |   A change in leadership certainly makes a difference. Past recent administrations at Baylor University in Waco have maintained sensible policies protecting scientific integrity against those who would […]

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Elaine Ecklund to speak at Rice

 The Science and Technology Policy Program of the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy Rice University in conjunction with the Institute for Urban Research Rice University cordially invite you to attend SCIENCE vs. RELIGION What Scientists Really Think a conversation and book signing with author Elaine Howard Ecklund, Ph.D. Director, Religion and Public […]

Intelligent Design

A Walk Through Nature Part IV: Tossing Out Scientism’s Addled Eggs

The Paseos Por La Naturaleza (A Walk Through Nature) series in Spanish continues with an examination of the atheistic brand of religion that pervades the scientism movement. The neo-atheist Peter Atkins has been one of the modern day crusaders of this movement with his scathing allegation that science presents the only reliable means by which to […]

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Peer-Reviewed Article Critical of Darwinism by NAS Member, Evolution by Absence of Selection

recent molecular data supports the theory of mutation-driven evolution rather than neo-Darwinism. Masotoshi Nei Member National Academy of Sciences Selectionism and Neutralism Not only is the notion of Darwinism challenged by ID proponents and creationists, but it is also challenged by non-Darwinian theories of evolution. The competing schools of thought are the Mutationists and the […]