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The intriguing beak of the earliest known pelican

Although geographically widespread, the genus Pelecanus has only 7 or 8 species extant (depending on the classification system used). A similar number of fossil species have been identified, although the morphological differences are quite small. Until recently, the earliest fossil form was dated as Early Miocene. Newly published work pushed the first appearance back to Read More…

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The “H” in Evolution

Evolutionists say it is a fact that all of biology just happened to arise by accident, and they harshly criticize those who do not agree. But with amazing consistency their criticism is hypocritical—it applies to evolutionary thinking. Consider this recent paper about creationist movements:  Read more

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Dennett’s Strange Idea is a Bad Idea for Recognizing Biological Function

Question: When does adaptationism stop being a useful research strategy and start being a silly exercise? Allen Orr Dennett’s Strange Idea Answer: pretty much all the time. In Dennett’s book Darwin’s Dangerous Idea Dennett argued: “[Darwinism] eats through just about every traditional concept, and leaves in its wake a revolutionized world-view, with most of the Read More…

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My favorite science-religion books

In response to Thomas Cudworth’s request, these are the five science-religion books that I would recommend, or at least has influenced me the most — and help to explain my distinctive take on ID. You’ll see that some of these are available free on-line. Since my explanations are long-ish. They are located below the fold. 

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Dover a half decade later: And what difference did it really make?

A friend offers observations about the Dover (Kitzmiller) decision (2005).  I didn’t cover it, because everyone else did, and I was writing a book, under contract, about something else, basically. Just as well. Everyone else who cared seemed to be on the scene already, and I was otherwise occupied. Essentially, modern American culture is biased toward Read More…

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Darwin Meets Orwell

Evolution’s corruption of science in general, and the peer-review process in particular, continues to reach new heights. Consider a recent paper written by an evolutionist in a leading journal about, of all things, our criminal justice system. That’s right, evolutionists now want to recast sentencing procedures according to their beliefs about origins. It’s another should-we-laugh-or-cry Read More…

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Another Day, Another Bad Day for Darwinism

In the latest issue of Nature, a definitive role for pseudogenes is established. In the last sentence of the Abstract the authors conclude: These findings attribute a novel biological role to expressed pseudogenes, as they can regulate coding gene expression, and reveal a non-coding function for mRNAs. Haven’t read the full article* (no time at Read More…

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When Is a Rejoinder Not a Rejoinder? The Disappointing Evasion of Karl Giberson

In my column of May 18, I sharply criticized Dr. Karl Giberson for an earlier column on Biologos, which in my view argued for a dangerous subservience to scientific consensus. Dr. Giberson’s article generated quite a lot of controversy on the Biologos site, where two posters named “Rich” and “gingoro” argued firmly (but politely) that Read More…

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You Mean There Really Was a Cambrian Explosion?

Here is a story today about a “second” rise in oceanic oxygenation, a rise that allowed, the authors tell us, the ‘evolution’ of higher life forms. Here’s a portion of the link: These widespread sulphidic conditions close to the continents, coupled with deeper waters that remained oxygen-free and iron-rich, would have placed major restrictions on Read More…