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Upcoming Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies Volume to Focus on Intelligent Design

The next volume of the Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies is going to focus on evolution and Intelligent Design, as well as the interweaving of the two. For those who are unaware, the Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies (JIS) is a publication of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research (IIR), and has been in publication since 1989, and […]

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Marvin Olasky on theistic atheism – oops, I meant theistic evolution

Journalism dean Marvin Olasky notes, Today’s three great cultural flashpoints are abortion, same-sex marriage, and evolution. We can hedge on them and justify our hedging: Playing it cool here will help me gain for Christ people who would otherwise walk away. I’m not knocking such considerations. Nor am I assuming that anyone who tries to […]


Here’s Jewish Canadian lawyer Ezra Levant on the flop of the recent antiChristian also anti-ID book

Apparently, Canadian Marci McDonald’s Random House anti-Christian book is a commercial flop. Go here, here, and here for intelligent-design related “marcis” = obvious errors such as claiming that proud Presbyterian Phillip Johnson, author of Darwin on Trial , had become a Catholic. At some point, truth needs evidence, not conspiracy thinking. It’s about time that […]

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“[The Discovery Institute] needs to be destroyed”

After Darwinist Steve Matheson debated Stephen Meyer at Biola, various essays appeared on the internet pointing out Matheson’s numerous errors and oversights. In the face of having his assertions publicly discredited (see a summary in Fact Free Science of Matheson), he wrote an open letter to Stephen Meyer. Your Discovery Institute is a horrific mistake, […]

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Victory for Discovery Institute

As followers of this controversy will remember from previous posts, the California Science Center (CSC) denied screening of Illustra Media’s film Darwin’s Dilemma: The Mystery of the Cambrian Fossil Record.  A lawsuit ensued, in which the California Science Center was sued to disclose documentation, of which they are legally bound under the Public Records Act […]

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Open Records Lawsuit

Rob Crowther reports: California Science Center to Pay Attorneys’ Fees and Settle Open Records Lawsuit by Intelligent Design Group The California Science Center (CSC) has agreed to settle a lawsuit with the pro-intelligent design Discovery Institute and release records that it previously sought to conceal regarding its cancellation of the screening of a pro-intelligent design […]