Another unusual, life-free exoplanet

“’Exotic’ planet is densest of its kind: 55 Cancri e as dense as lead and has year less than 18 hours long,” we learn from Emily Chung, CBC News (Apr 29, 2011): 55 Cancri e is a super-Earth located in a very tight, short orbit around a yellow dwarf star similar to Corot-7b, above. Corot 7b […]

Atheism Darwinism

Seems like just yesterday … atheist British journalist checked out of Darwinism

1997: …natural selection can be made to explain opposed and even mutually contradictory individual adaptations. For example, Darwinists claim that camouflage coloring and mimicry (as in leaf insects) is adaptive and will be selected for, yet they also claim that warning coloration (the wasp’s stripes) is adaptive and will be selected for. Yet if both […]

Evolutionary psychology

She said it: Philosopher Mary Midgley tells humanists why she isn’t a humanist

Here. Famed British philosopher Mary Midgley has examined the religious aspect of Darwinism/materialist humanism in some detail, pointing out that denying the reality of the mind leaves it with nothing but empty speculation about what ancestors did as a way of understanding human nature.  She also points out that the era of evolutionary psychology followed […]


Fact: All real scientists believe Darwinism – otherwise, they wouldn’t be real scientists

Sweden’s king decorated molecular cytogeneticist Antonio Lima-de-Faria “Knight of the Order of the North Star” for his outstanding experimental work, which elucidated the molecular organization of the chromosome and its evolutionary path. And his opinion of Darwinism is here. And as Suzan Mazur reports, Lima-de-Faria does not consider Charles Darwin’s 1859 idea of natural selection — […]

Atheism Darwinism

Is no one ‘that kind of Darwinian any more’? Non-Darwin atheist philosopher/biologist team doubt it.

… some of our good friends, patented experimental biologists (usually known as ‘wet’ biologists) who have read previous versions of this manuscript, slapped us on the wrist because they think what we are saying is overkill. They told us, ‘no one is that kind of Darwinian any more.’ We’d be happy if that were so, […]

Evolution Intelligent Design

Answering Every Question

In this UD post Ken Miller is quoted as saying: “The argument for intelligent design basically depends on saying, ‘You haven’t answered every question with evolution,’… Well, guess what? Science can’t answer every question.” No, ID says, You haven’t answered the most fundamental question about evolution: the origin of biological information. In fact, the mechanism […]


“Evolution,” we are told, “can cause a rapid reduction in genome size”

From the Max Planck Institute, we learn (April 21, 2011): Despite being closely related to the lyre-leaved rock cress, the thale cress has a considerably smaller genomeIt would appear reasonable to assume that two closely related plant species would have similar genetic blueprints. However, scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology in Tübingen, […]