Drivers’ brain power produces much quicker reaction times – but remember, the mind doesn’t exist

At the Journal of Neural Engineering (Eurekalert, 28-Jul-2011), we are advised to “Put the brakes on using your brain power”: German researchers have used drivers’ brain signals, for the first time, to assist in braking, providing much quicker reaction times and a potential solution to the thousands of car accidents that are caused by human […]

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Let us now turn back to the Beard, and perhaps he will forgive us our persistent unbelief

Photographer-philosopher Laszlo Bencze offers us this prayer, for spiritual Darwinists, Christian or otherwise, reflecting on one of their recent conferences: We believe in Darwin, the father all-sovereign, explainer of all things visible and invisible, and in one Thomas Henry Huxley, the bull dog of Darwin, begotten from the substance of Darwin. We believe in his […]

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Trying to put a couple of things together here, re Christian evolutionists and Michael Dowd

Recently, Caroline Crocker offered us AITSE’s bunk detector for Rev. Michel Dowd and wife Connie Barlow’s recipe for “evolutionizing” your life for fun and profit: This course in life management looks too good to be true. And it is. Married couple Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow promise you a “joy-filled life” and “lighthearted strength.” All […]


“Am I a zombie?” Better question: What those dudes over at New Scientist been smokin’?

In all seriousness, Michael Brooks asks , “Existence: Am I a zombie?” (New Scientist , 25 July 2011): It is not so long ago that computers became powerful enough to let us create alternative worlds. We have countless games and simulations that are, effectively, worlds within our world. As technology improves, these simulated worlds will […]