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Palmer Study Course On Intelligent Design: Review and Conclusion


This video reviews the most important topics from the six previous sessions. Darwinism may still be the reigning creation myth of our time but “the Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes”.

For the past 60 years, science has been confirming the necessity of a Creator. From the tiny molecular machines that power cells to the fine-tuning of the cosmos, from irreducible complexity to functional coherence, science verifies that life isn’t the result of any natural process. Life requires foresight, creativity, and wisdom. Life requires a Creator.

Study Questions


Scientific discoveries over the past 60 years don’t support evolution, atheism or materialism, but many people aren’t aware of this.

The quora.com website invites questions about evolution, always answering from a pro- evolution perspective. A recent post is typical:

“Q: What arguments are there for and against evolutionary theory? P1 A: The argument for the theory of evolution is that it works. The argument against the theory of evolution is that it makes creationists sad. Not that arguments matter. What matters is evidence, and the theory of evolution is supported by a mountain of evidence, from the fossil record, genetics, biochemistry, anthropology, medicine, virology – heck, even art shows that evolution happens!”

The responder to this question claims that evolution is supported by “a mountain of evidence”. Most people assume Darwinists could support their conclusions with evidence if asked to. If you search for that evidence, you’ll find they’re bluffing – depending on scientific ignorance and reluctance of the public to ask for details.

[Many popular pundits maintain their reputation for Cool by just not asking the detailed questions that John and Sandy Palmer ask. They simply assume that there are “mountains of evidence” somewhere and never ask if it is good evidence or just smart alec responses. – ed.]

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