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Registration Is Now Open For 2012 UK Intelligent Design Conference In Malvern, England

Lifted From here. 2012 INTELLIGENT DESIGN CONFERENCE SEPTEMBER 28- 29th Darwin or Design? The question that shakes the very fabric of human existence Elim Conference Centre, Malvern, Worcestershire, UK Sponsored by the Centre for Intelligent Design, Glasgow, UK Why this Conference? It is becoming increasingly apparent that the scientific case for Darwinism as a complete […]

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Resources for online media awareness

Resources for online media awareness A Abusive online behaviour Controlling trolls helps keep social media free But there’s a risk in making trolls more important than we need to. See also: Etiquette; Privacy; Safety; Security; Trolls Ad blockers The death of the online ad agency? Thanks to increasingly sophisticated adblockers? Addiction, social media Addiction treatment […]