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The misnomer of pseudogenes

Words convey meaning, and the word pseudogene conveys the sense of a gene that is a sham, that is spurious, that is phoney. It is a word that is widely used in the literature on genetics, where pseudogenes are regarded as defunct relatives of functional genes. The dominant reason for studying them is because they […]

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Debating Darwin and Design: Science or Creationism? (2)

Some readers here may be aware of an online debate I’m taking part in with a neo-Darwinist (and friend), Francis Smallwood. Francis blogs at Musings of a Scientific Nature. We are currently discussing the issue of whether intelligent design is just a recent strain of creationism, and whether it is a legitimate scientific theory. What […]


Asteroid Belts and Planet Biohabitability

Science Daily reports on a new study by Rebecca Martin of the University of Colorado which found that “Solar systems with life-bearing planets may be rare if they are dependent on the presence of asteroid belts of just the right mass.” The article reports, They suggest that the size and location of an asteroid belt, shaped […]