Atheists Unveil Their Monument to Atheism

A month or so ago, I alerted UD readers that atheists in Florida were about to place their stone monument of the Ten “commandments” of atheism.  Well, today they have unveiled their monument to atheism in front of the Bradford County, Florida, courthouse, right near a monument listing the traditional Ten Commandments from the Old […]

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Holy Rollers, Pascal’s Wager, If ID is wrong it was an honest mistake

A scandalous documentary about Christian gamblers was released in 2012 with me listed in the credits. 🙂 The documentary is about a group of Christians, the Holy Rollers, that took the casinos for 3.5 million dollars. Myself, by comparison, I’ve accumulated a relatively paltry sum of $30,000 or so over the years. I’ve been tossed […]