Astronomy News

Some argue planet Jupiter formed from pebbles

From RealClearScience: The pebble accretion model, as the idea is called, suggests that tiny objects first coalesce together due to drag then gravitationally collapse and form larger objects one hundred to one thousand kilometers in size. These larger objects, now referred to as planetesimals, than draw in all the remaining pebbles and become the cores […]

Intelligent Design

Is E.T. calling us? Stay tuned!

New Scientist magazine reports on a paper by Hippke, Domainko and Learned, suggesting that fast radio bursts, which were first discovered in 2001, may be artificial signals produced by alien – or human – technology. Ten fast bursts of radio waves have been detected within the past 15 years, and the delay between the arrival […]

horizontal gene transfer News

HGT: Growth of antibiotic resistance termed “bacterial sex”

From ScienceDaily: Biologist investigates how gene-swapping bacteria evade antibiotics “One of the prevailing theories for why bacteria make these antibiotic compounds is to fight off competition. But the bacteria that make the antibiotics have to be resistant to those antibiotics. Therefore, many encode antibiotic resistance genes against their own products.” Random genetic mutation is one […]

Cosmology Multiverse News

Dr. Hawking, your black hole is ready now

From the Independent: Black holes are a passage to another universe, says Stephen Hawking Black holes in fact aren’t as “black” as people thought and could be a way of getting through to an alternative universe. “The existence of alternative histories with black holes suggests this might be possible,” Hawking said, according to a report […]