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Someone noticed: Lawyers starting to weigh in on campus thought police

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The 2012 AALS Annual Meeting Theme (January 4-8, 2012) is “Academic Freedom and Academic Duty”:

The theme for the 2012 Annual Meeting centers around academic freedom and academic duty – including threats to tenure and to academic freedom, and the concomitant academic duty obligations that arise out of our status as tenured professors. There have been many serious threats to academic freedom arising from the environment and the polity: a law faculty member arrested in Rwanda for his pro bono representation of an opposition candidate in an election matter there; a law faculty-journal editor sued for criminal libel in France for publishing a book review; law school clinics reviled for their work as well as threatened legislatively and in the courts in Maryland, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey, and in several other states; a law scholar sued for her research on family law, whose university chose not to indemnify her; a law review that pulled a piece from publication, following threats from the company criticized in the article; and other law faculty and non-law faculty punished for their views.

The zone of protected professorial speech is shrinking.

They might want to check into what’s happening to students too. They should see Expelled as well.

Today’s universities are a living antithesis of everything North American nations were founded for.

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Woodbine. The difference is that the conclusions are already agreed too and the reason for the education. It is a religious faith and its people who paid for the college with the agenda to be teach this or that. The universities paid for by the public are to teach the truth also but are not to silence the pursuit of truth or conclusions. The university does not exist to teach doctrines but rather is expected to teach ideas from investigation. The university is by definition not to censor conclusions. A religious place is expected too as its the only reason it exists. Robert Byers
I knew the United States was a litigious society, but this is ridiculous. Freedom of speech should apply at universities too, should it not? Barb
There was a case not too long back where a Theology professor came very close to losing his seminary job because he stepped outside the bounds of orthodoxy. If I remember correctly he did not take the biblical flood as a historical event (or something like that) and was made to publicly recant. A frightening slap in the face for academic freedom, there. Can anyone remember who it was? "The zone of protected professorial speech is shrinking." Absolutely. What manner of academic institution in this day and age would behave this way? Woodbine

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