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(Administrative) How WordPress Handles Moderated Comments


How WordPress Handles Moderated Comments

For a long time people (trolls usually) have been coming to the conclusion that there is some nefarious undertaking here to make some comments appear only to the person that writes it and no one else.

In fact this does happen but it is simply the way WordPress works and there is no administrative option to change it while retaining the ability to moderate comments before they are published.

If for any reason your comment enters the moderation queue it will appear in the comment list to you and no one else until it leaves the moderation queue by being approved or disapproved. There is no message to the user that his comment is in the moderation queue.

There are various ways comments enter the moderation queue. Among them, comments from newly registered users are all automatically routed to moderation and comments from counter-productive users are often all routed to moderation. So if you think you’re in any way not contributing in a positive way to the ID movement you are likely being moderated and your comments are not visible to anyone but you until a moderator gets around to looking at it.

Another way comments may enter the moderation queue is by containing common spam words like


We also use the Akismet spam filter which has internal and external blacklists. Comments caught in the Akismet spam filter are sent to a separate spam bin and don’t appear even to the author. Spam is a big problem with automated programs creating registered users then blasting advertisements for prescription drugs, loans, online gambling sites, porn, and a whole host of things into the comments. A cottage industry exists for blog plugins that detect and eliminate spam. Akismet has stopped literally many thousands of these types of comments from appearing here. I highly recommend it.

Regarding comments--as an appreciative visitor here, I have a change I'd like you to make. It's been my habit to use an RSS Newsreader to stay on top of topics at Uncommon Descent. Some time ago, though, a change was made so that every comment got an RSS entry. I've now unsubscribed from the feed because the clutter of the comments is too much to wade through. It's not worth it, with all the other topics and news I'm trying to keep up with. There's not enough fresh value in the comments to justify reading through all of them, even in headline form. At Thinking Christian (http://www.thinkingchristian.net) I have a separate feed for comments. I suggest you do the same, or eliminate the comments feed altogether. Then I could subscribe again. Thanks. TomG
I hope one of the administrtors sees this. Where can we find the syntax protocols for using this blog. Each blog site is a bit different with the syntax for things like itlaics, quotes, bold, web links, etc. I've looked, but can't seem to find what the rules are for here. Help? Thanks Donald M DonaldM

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