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The Bible vs. Evolution Is Not the Issue, Guys

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Bob Reeves of Lincoln’s Journal Star had this to say regarding Creationism, Evolution, and Intelligent Design today. What Mr. Reeves and others don’t seem to get is that the locus of the issue which is generating so much controversy these days is not the progress of science vs. the authority of the Bible; rather, it’s the reluctance of mainstream science and academia to accept the validity of a concept which keeps a valid scientific theory like evolution from becomming an unscientific ideology. Mr. Reeves entitled his piece “When science and religion converge”. We do, in fact, seem to be witnessing a convergence of science and religion–just not in the way Reeves sees it.

2 Replies to “The Bible vs. Evolution Is Not the Issue, Guys

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    theonomo says:

    “Are you suggesting evolution is religion and intelligent design is science? (Just for the record.)”

    I don’t know if the original poster is suggesting that, but that certainly seems to me to be the case. It is possible to define science in such a way as to exclude ID, but if science is broadly defined as “the rational quest for truth”, then ID certainly qualifies. Interestingly, most narrow definitions of science that exclude ID also exclude 90% of Evolutionary theory.

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    Bombadill says:

    matt, if by “evolution” you mean the NeoDarwinian notion that purely undirected natural mechanisms produced all life without any input from a cognizant intelligence, i.e. Materialistic philosophy masquerading as science. Then… yes it is indeed religion.

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