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Torley’s getting so close to 200,000 …

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Please folks, no cheating. Only go there if you want to read the post or some of the more recent of the 470 comments.

By the way, readers, should we install a filter for comments, in terms of Sort by date? Sort by popularity? An option to Like a comment?

In the past, we haven’t done any of this, as our big thing was just to stay ahead of the bills, the trolls, and the virus attacks.

But if there are 470 comments, there should be some mechanism for sorting them. Thoughts?


I recommend a " reply-to" feature since some of these comments are about web features. bb
Hi kairosfocus, Thank you. As far as I know, there was no luncheon. vjtorley
It's impossible to have a conversation if comments are organized by anything other than chronology. tragic mishap
VJT: Hats off to you, too, for ferreting out the story. Did that luncheon ever come off? KF kairosfocus
RB: Pardon, apples and oranges. The WACs are a background reference that in cumulative total have quite a lot of page hits for something so specialised. The VJT post was the subject of a surge from 30-odd thou to 150+ thou in a couple of weeks or so, due to a promo on a news blog and pickup on Reddit; and recall, its focal issue is a person who happens to be one of the most cited Chemists in the world. The onward trend reflects the remaining plateau from that surge that must have affected search engine placements. This was discussed months ago while the surge was happening. The pickup again is because there has been a further milestone passed. KF PS: Actually, if you look at the foot of this page, and any page of UD, you will see that the VJT post is listed as the one with the most single hits; it is by no means an obscure forgotten page. kairosfocus
Don’t you find it a bit strange that your second most visited post - “Frequently raised but weak arguments…” has garnered something like 6,800 hits a year over five years - a shade less than seven a day - while VJ's post has attracted 1429 hits a day? That a post buried deep among past pages collects in less than five days what the runner up, pinned to the front page, takes a year to collect? That this reflects ordinary visitors? Seems to me that you've abandoned design detection at a key moment. Reciprocating Bill
By the way, readers, should we install a filter for comments, in terms of Sort by date? Sort by popularity? An option to Like a comment?
Thank your for entertaining ways in which this blog might be improved. What are some of the things that the software you use or are considering using supports? Liking might be kind of neat. You could have a sidebar with links to the most liked posts (and/or the least liked). I'd like to see better searching capabilities. Also, being able to tag posts might be nice (and to search by tag). But most of all I'd probably like to see the deletion of posts come to a halt. Surprise! Mung
200,017. Well, it looks like the 200,000 barrier has finally been broken. I hope Dr. James Tour continues to publicly testify that no scientist understands macroevolution, as he has done in the past. Hats off to Dr. Tour. vjtorley
Steve, that's Switzerland, Canada and Caribbean! (This is a News post, out of Canada.) kairosfocus
Caribbean, sorry. steveh
Science & Faith -- Dr. James Tour - video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pR4QhNFTtyw "A Top Scientist and His Faith" - Dr. James Tour - video https://vimeo.com/51659084 bornagain77
200000 and I only had to refresh many times. Switzerland and the Caribbian working in perfect harmony. steveh

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