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Darwinist bid to get hold of Expelled film fails


A bid by Darwinists to acquire rights to the Expelled documentary on the ID theorists has failed. From TOAF:

Combined with the funds the Foundation already had on hand, we had just over $50,000 available to bid on the film (and pay the 10% buyer’s premium). The winning bid, however, was $201,000. Because all of the bidders were anonymous, we do not know identity of the winning bidder.

Film probably went to business interest. More later.

Update, just in: Walt Ruloff and his associates, who were the original producers of EXPELLED, won the auction. More later.


Talk origins were trying to buy Expelled “The reason given is so they can then release unpublished material, but equally they could prevent future sales of the film.”

10 June 2011 Expelled film to be sold due to bankruptcy. That was not a surprise.

There is a hiatus in significant coverage at this point because the companies that owned various aspects of Expelled lost touch with the people featured in it – for reasons still unexplained – despite the fact that the film was doing well.

23 October 2008 Expelled #1 in documentaries, #11 in DVDs

7 August 2008 Richard Weikart replies to critic re Expelled’s controversial Darwin-Hitler link

11 May 2008 Real Christians would not have made the Expelled film, right?

4 May 2008 Imagine Yoko Ono shutting down showings of Expelled …

3 May 2008 Was it shameful for Expelled to connect Darwinism with Nazi atrocities?

1 May 2008 Stanford Fair use project to defend Expelled’s use of Imagine. Yoko Ono, John Lennon’s widow, was suing.

20 April 2008 Expelled #2 highest grossing political documentary

20 April 2008 Expelled opening weekend grosses $3.7 million

19 April 2008 Some watch Expelled while buying ticket for another movie, to cause apparently lower sales.

17 April 2008 Did Expelled movie rip off John Lennon’s music? Major media hold forth on the question.

12 April 2008 Darwin lobby starts attack site for film

10 April 2008 Expelled plagiarizing Harvard? However, 11 04 2008 Bolinski backs down on plagiarism claim. (Note: Mark Mathis told Denyse O’Leary that all new art had been commissioned.)

25 March 2008 Expelled film top issue in blogosphere

21 March 2008 Richard Dawkins crashes Expelled screening The producer personally booted PZ Myers because, as he told Denyse O’Leary, years later, he wanted the fellow to know what being Expelled felt like.

6 March 2008 Dawkins admits life could be designed – in the film, according to an early reviewer

27 September 2007 Expelled makes front page of New York Times “Scientists Feel Miscast in Film on Life’s Origin”

19 September 2007 Expelled: The movie attempts to interview Baylor president John Lilley “regarding the removal of Robert Marks’s Evolutionary Informatics Lab from Baylor”

28 August 2007 Can Ben Stein’s Expelled be sued by angry Darwinists? “That’s the warning I received from an anonymous “wellwisher” (?)”

27 August 2007 Randy “Flock of Dodos” Olson thinks trailer for Expelled is great I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that is an excellent trailer they have produced.”

27 August 2007 Mild-mannered scientist Rick Sternberg to appear in film: “I was viewed as an intellectual terrorist”

12 August 2007 Denyse O’Leary first breaks the story of Expelled

I would be genuinely curious to see a comparison of both ratings and box office receipts for Expelled versus, say, Religulous or anything by Dawkins. Barb
Just wait until someone tries to sell the rights to evolutionism's "documentary"- The Island of Dr Moreau- don't laugh they really do think it's a documentary... Joseph
It seems this is not such a "B Grade" movie after all! idnet.com.au
Here's a favorite clip of mine from EXPELLED: The Staggering Complexity Of The Cell - EXPELLED - video clip http://www.metacafe.com/watch/4227700/ bornagain77

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