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Kevin Wang and Peter Wagenet at ZeitStudios devoted their time and talents to revamping the Uncommon Descent blogsite. What an improvement it is! All of us who are part of UD are in their debt.

As with all such upgrades, there are bound to be kinks that need to be ironed out. Please use this thread (or the previous one by DaveScot) to note any issues in the design of the site that need to be worked out. Thanks.

Are JohnnyB and Doug Moran no longer contributors? HodorH
Dave, is it possible to allow post editing for about 30 minutes after posting? chunkdz
Hey, I know that everyone has probably already pointed this out, but the site has problems in Internet Explorer. Viewing it in Firefox is perfect. In IE, I got the huge white space on teh first page, a messed up comments box (preview is the white on white), and on the first page the little navigation boxes don't have text in them, they just change colors. Those were the things I noticed. (I had been viewing it in Firefox, so didn't notice these things before.) Atom
I like the new design. I notice that typing into the "Post a response" does seem to have a slow response (I'm running Firefox 2 on W2K on a slow Thinkpad T20), so I'm just using notepad and will cut and paste into the posting box instead. Iwas thinking about the big image of the bacterial flagellum at the top of the home page - the image seems to be placed here to advertise a prime example of ID which is fine. As a suggestion, can the image be linked to some resources about the bacterial flagellum for people so interested. Best wishes ozcanyoner
"On my browser, the previewed text is white against forest green ... " On my Firefox browser, that is (sorry ...) Now I'm on Explorer 6.0.2800.1106, and I don't see the preview function at all! Just white on white. You were right, PaV! leebowman
PaV The preview function is there, or am I just seeing an 'echo'? On my browser, the previewed text is white against forest green, but blockquoted text is barely visible, as it's shown as one shade of forest green lighter.
Let's see how it appears on the 'responses' column.
On my preview (just now), it was barely visible, and without the vertical quote bar. leebowman
I miss the preview function for posts. Anyway to get that back? Everything else looks great. As someone said, "very slick". PaV
chunky like! chunkdz
1) comment font size too small 2) Seems like the line breaks are not right in the "Archives & Categories" text on the right side of the page. Perhaps you need to force some line breaks to straighten it out. Lurker
I suspect the italics may be generated by the Lucida Sans font in the style.css file.
I think intp147 is right. The style sheet specifies "Lucida Grande" as the preferred body font. Windows does not have Lucida Grande but appears to be substituting Lucida Sans instead. And for some odd reason, Lucida Sans appears to be italic by default on my Windows 2k system. sagebrush gardener
After a bit of poking around, I suspect the italics may be generated by the Lucida Sans font in the style.css file. I find that in my Windows browsers, this font shows up in italics; while in my Mac browsers, it doesn't. intp147
Wow! The graphic design looks beautiful, and I don't consider myself easily impressed. Very nice, indeed! All of the comment text appears italicized on my usual browser (Firefox 1.07, under Windows XP). Likewise in IE 6/WinXP. On the other hand, when I check on my Mac (both Safari and Firefox), the comments are not italicized. intp147
I'm just doing a test. William Dembski
Sagebrush, I’m not seeing italics like you are. The line of text you specified as italics looks italic, but everything else looks normal.
That's funny. I've tried this both in my usual browser (Firefox 2.0) and in IE 6.0 on a Windows 2000 machine and both of them show all comment text in a small italic font. I have never noticed this problem on any other web page. sagebrush gardener
Hey, I like the bios page! It's nice to connect a picture and a story to the names. jb
Looks great! Thank you Kevin Wang and Peter Wagenet at ZeitStudios! a5b01zerobone
Thanks for fixing the white space on the front page. I still get it on the "previous" pages. idnet.com.au
Sagebrush, I'm not seeing italics like you are. The line of text you specified as italics looks italic, but everything else looks normal. jb
In addition to the return of the "recent comments" and numbering of comments, could I request a slightly larger font for the comments, maybe even the same font and font size used in the posts (which are very clear and easy to read)? The ratio of type to whitespace seems to be quite large, so I expect it would all still fit in the same space simply by decreasing the line pitch, and making the column width a larger fraction of the available width. SCheesman
Is it just me, or is everyone seeing the comment text in all-italics? Naturally that means that text that is supposed to be in italics.. like this... is indistinguishable from normal text. Not only that but it makes it harder to read. How about using a plain sans-serif font for normal text? Again, maybe it is just me, but the response time when typing in the comment box has become glacially slow. I am typing a whole sentence ahead of the text that appears on the screen, then I sit and wait while the text on the screen slowly catches up. sagebrush gardener
So I'm here on the home page just a minute ago and my first grade son just walked in and said, "Whacha lookin' at, Dad. Looks like a motor on a boat." Hmmmmm . . . Looks like the next generation is heading in the right direction. Eric Anderson
@GilDogden: "I’m running the Xandros Linux distro..." Hey, another Xandrosian! Me too. What version of the distro do you use? I'm on 3.0. I'm too lazy and cheap to upgrade to 4. jb
"Kevin Wang and Peter Wagenet at ZeitStudios devoted their time and talents to revamping the Uncommon Descent blogsite." Are you sure about that? Couldn't this new design have come about by RM+NS? I mean couln't the photo of Dr. Dembski on the top left have morphed over gradual mutations into the picture of a flagellar motor? Haven't you read "Climbing Mount Improbable?" Maybe somebody can make a video to prove how this happened. jb
Most of the issues are visible in internet explorer. FYI the label doesn't appear in any of the buttons at the top right (home, about, resources, search). I wasn't aware anything was there until I happened to roll my mouse over them. DaveScot
I'm having all the same problems j-guy is having but I'm using IE6 so it isn't anything to do with IE7. DaveScot
Looks good. I often view this site on my Pocket PC Phone (T-Mobile MDA, Verizon 700w, Cingular, 8125, are a few examples) using a mobile browser called Pocket Internet Explorer. The new redesign works much better than your old design. You probably weren't focusing on mobile phone access, or perhaps even thinking about it, but the new design works pretty well. Of course, looks good on my desktop too. :-) EdH
Lovely piece of redesign. It looks crisp on my 1920X1200 display J tenstrings
Looks good, I'm not having any problems. But Firefox usually treats me well. DAISHI
I've had some IE 7.0 issues lately anyway, so take this first section with that in mind. [Windows XP:IE 7.0 & FireFox] -Background around comments submission box is incomplete (not an issue in FireFox). -Much white space below the comments submission box (not an issue in FireFox). -Whne comments are posted, if there is a hyperlinked URL, it seems to stretch out of the comments section to the right. Even for very long URL's it stretches from the comments section to beyond the right side of Column #2 ("Friends of Descent" column). [General Astehtics:Look & Feel] - The large graphic (b.flagellum)at the top of the page ends at the very top of the web page, and gives the illusion that there might be mroe aboe. It gives the impresison that you can scroll up to see more. -Column 1("Additional Descent") has no content yet. Use it or lose it. -Font sizes do seem a bit small. Also, the font setting seems fixed in the source code, and not resizable using my browser settings (Fascism! ;)). Overall, it looks nice. I will need to adjust a little. JGuy
This looks terrific. Good work guys! Atom
The searchbar at the top is nifty, and the page on the contributors and friends is also useful. I agree about the spellcheck. EJ Klone
Thanks so much to Kevin Wang and Peter Wagenet for their intelligent design! I'm running the Xandros Linux distro and everything appears to work fine under Firefox and Mozilla. I do get the whitespace and some other anomalies with IE 6, but that's running under a Windows OS emulator, so it may not mean much. Hey, I just got a great idea! How about randomly typing text into the HTML code? With a little bit of luck and selecting the versions that work better, any remaining problems should be fixed -- eventually. GilDodgen
May I suggest that the comment count be situated along side the topic or contributors name? What it is filed under could still be at the bottom of the post. idnet.com.au
Great new site! I too have a page of white under the flagellum. Is that so we can marvel at how RM and NS created such a wonder? Also we seem to have lost the comment preview feature. Any chance of a spell check or is it cheque? idnet.com.au
So do the guys get 3 free books that are autographed as you mentioned in your post here: https://uncommondesc.wpengine.com/archives/1702 If they don't want it, I'll take'em haha. Good stuff with the page, thus far. Apoptosis
Oops, just noticed the previous thread, and it looks like this has already been reported. It seems to happen only when entering the site initially; returning to the home page (such as after entering a comment), it seems to correct itself. SCheesman
Looks great! I have a lot of white space between the "Uncommon Descent" title bar and the first item on the home page, though. SCheesman

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