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New UD Layout – Something Not Right? Tell Us Here


If something isn’t working right in the new layout with your browser, tell us here. Please include some information about your computer (Windows/Mac/Linux) and broswer (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Netscape) and anything else you think might be relevant in duplicating the problem. Thanks.

Blockquote follows:
I've tried the blockquote function on two different computers, one with IE, and this on with Firefox. With both, the text is hard to see in the preview space below, since the text is nearly the same color as the background.
End of Blockquote We can now see how the quote appears, and whether it has the vertical line by it. Lee Lee Bowman
It's working now. Don't know if anything changed. rswood
Am I the only one using Firefox (2.0) for whom your feed does not work using "Live Bookmarks"? It always says "Live Bookmark feed failed to load." It wasn't working before the redesign, either. rswood
After looking at your style sheet source code, I determined that my system was missing Lucida Grande.ttf (which is an OS X, not an XP font). Installing this font fixed the illegible comment text problem on my XP system. Matteo
I'm testing it out at work now. Different OS & Browser. Now I'm on Win2k Pro using both Firefox 1.5 and IE 6.0. 1280 x 1024 resolution. Looks good on Firefox. Long url's still don't wrap and flow into adjacent area to the right (to see what I'm talking about look at the ninth comment above, by DaveScot, where he posts a url link to a specific article). Comment text looks good. On IE 6.0, however, the menu items that are supposed to appear above the "Uncommon Descent Holds..." box do not have text in them. If I roll my mouse over the menu, the items get highlighted as little light-colored rectangles, but the "Home," "About," etc., text does not show up. Just empty little rectangles. I am not experiencing italics comment text as others are reporting, even in IE 6.0 on Win2k. Long url's in comments appear to wrap in IE. Overall, it looks better on the higher resolution here in the office. On IE, the "Archives & Categories" in the right-hand sidebar looks all heggldy-peggldy, I think because longish text labels wrap within their respctive "cells," creating whitespace on the following line where it probably shouldn't be. Usable, but not very aesthetically pleasing. For some reason, that part looks a little better on Firefox, I guess because long labels just take up an entire line instead of wrapping. I liked that section better the way it used to be with only one entry per line--made for a longer list, but more navagable and nicer looking. jb
Is the source code available? I would like to scan it to see if the fixes to these bugs are already front-loaded into it, as might be expected in a designed system. steveh
Additionally, I do miss the preview window that shows one’s text’s appearance before-hand.
(On IE7) The preview of blockquotes are visible but the normal text is white on a white background. If you hilite it by dragging the mouse over it it becomes visible. The comment box itself is wrongly positioned, overlapping the gray box with my username in it. Also the "logout" link is shown to the left of the comment box instead of in the box with my username.The word "please" is also white against white. On IE6 (at work), the text is missing in the navigation boxes (Home, About, Resources, Search) are missing (I can't even hilite them as above) steveh
Perhaps increase the width of the blog/text column to the right a bit...the unused white column just takes up useful space...Nice work and colors... platolives
The e.coli flagellum whose electric, reversable motor turns at 18,000 rpm looks great....I noticed a few id sites are going with this nanodrive thing... platolives
The new site looks great! A few (hopefully) helpful suggestions. 1. Make the comment column wider. With it so narrow, links hang off the end, and the pages get ridiculously long. Maybe you could move the "About UD" box from the corner, and make the comments about 40 or 50 percent wider for better readability. 2. I miss the links to the previous and next posts that used to be at the top of the page. Now I have to go back to the main page, then go to the next post. 3. The bacterial flagellum pic looks cool, but I'm afraid it uses up too much space. System- WinXP using FireFox at 1024x768. country6925
Oh, and I think the comment numbers were useful. jb
The graphic of the flagellar motor could be a bit smaller in order to give more room for the content. I miss the "Recent Comments" button. That's how I could keep up on what everyone was saying without having to go into each thread. Really long URL's posted in comments don't wrap and invade the "Additional Descent," etc. columns to the right. I have to scroll to the right to see the whole page (cuts off right after "Resources" in the menu above "Uncommon Descent Holds..." - I have to scroll horizontally to see the rest, but NBD, because I seldom refer to that stuff anyway). I'm using Mozilla Firefox 1.0.7 on Xandros Linux (I know, quite outside the mainstream). I have my favorites displayed on the left. 1024 x 768 resolution. jb
Dave - click on search, and lo! it appears. Looks neat (at least it does in Firefox on Windoze XP). Bob Bob OH
I can't even see the search box. DaveScot
Hmm, the search doesn't seem to be working (I even tried searching for DaveScot, and got nothing!). Bob Bob OH
Hmm, I prefer the old version... For me the flagellum is too big: it's a nice picture, but it takes up too much space, so we can't see as much of the content. Could it be move to the left side, and put vertically? I agree that the fonts are too small, but Ctrl+ does wonders. :-) Bob Bob OH
Comment text is too small and is indistinct when viewed at an increased zoom level. I'm using XP and Firefox 2.0. Matteo
Looks great in Safari on a Mac. One small comment: When one clicks 'Read More' under the introduction, one gets a page that still has the same 'Read More' link. It should be removed on the second page. Also, the Jean Staune (sp?) article is missing. I think that is a good text to retain a link to. Otherwise, it looks really nice. bdelloid
Words don't wrap to some of the boxes using Safari on Mac. It would be nice to put the entries/comments/recent links at the top of the screen. Getting 404 messages under additional descent. tribune7
Very nice, love the new top banner E. coli. I use Firefox (2.0) under XP at 1280x960 I think the "Entries | Comments | Recent Links" plus the now missing previous, next links ought to replicate at the top and bottom - to save having to scroll all the way down to the bottom. Long embedded links overrun the right side boundary of the submitted comments section and disappear off the edge in the comment preview. I get a "Error 404 - Not Found" when clicking the "more" and "feed" links. pages are: https://uncommondesc.wpengine.com/recent-links/ and necessarily - https://uncommondesc.wpengine.com/recent-links/feed/ I liked the convenience of being able to search without leaving a page. So, "Search" input should be on every page. The "Additional Descent" column looks empty - will it actually evolve some function some day? The comment box is still too narrow imo and should mutate a few dozen pixels wider. I really dislike comment boxes that scroll horizontally. There also needs to be a note about HTML tags that can be used for formating. The usable tag list is commented out in the source code. Comment text is too small for anyone with lower vision or very high screen resolutions. Some users don't know how to increase text size and the standard method increases ALL text sizes. ;-) Looks great though! More modern, slicker and cool. Way to go guys. Borne
The fonts on this website are excellent in my biased opinion: http://christian-apologetics.org/mcas/ Robo
Excellent picture at the page top! Robo
1. Imo, fonts are too small in the comments. Verdana is the divine font imo. 2. I see some links above are too long for the very thin comments column. Robo
I also vote for bigger text. Jehu
I miss the "recent comments" link. That always made it easy to keep track of a running discussion. Jehu
Another glitch: select "more" under "Additional Descent" and you get a "Error 404 - Not found" message. SCheesman
The extra whitespace is only on the homepage https://uncommondesc.wpengine.com/ if you're focused on just one article https://uncommondesc.wpengine.com/archives/1954#comments it begins at the top like you'd expect. DaveScot
The test screen here: http://wordpress.zeitstudios.com/ doesn't have the problem where the first article appears far down the page. Also the "additional descent" column looks a lot different on the test page. On the live page that column is empty excpet for "more >> feed >>" at the top. DaveScot
Looks great in Safari on Mac OS X. I do agree with DaveScot that the comments text could be bigger (and the post text for that matter). Otherwise, beautiful! Jared White
I miss the "recent articles" and "recent comments" functions at the top of the old page. The text in the comments seems a little small too. DaveScot
fixed. russ
windows xp; ie 6.02; a whole bunch of blank space above the left main column--first blog entry starts below pandamonium ad. sorry for no capitalization as i am typing with one hand due to sleeping 2-week old in left arm. very tired. me, not baby. russ
I have to scroll down about three screens worth of vertical space before I get from flagellar-motor header to the first post headline. To me at least there is an undue amount of white emptiness between header and first post. Additionally, I do miss the preview window that shows one's text's appearance before-hand. If this is relevant: I am running Internet Explorer (version 6): file version=6.0.2900.2180 and Windows XP Media Center Edition with Service Pack 2. Best regards, apollo230 apollo230
I am running IE 6.0 on a 1024*768 display with favorites on my left. The most frustrating thing about the current layout is that I have to scroll down about a page and a half to get to the text of the blog. Additionally, the post response area is somewhat goofy. Some responses seem to be at the left margin, and others are indented. I miss the preview bit at the bottom. I do like something about the colors though, and I like Dembski's blerb about what the blog is about. bFast
Windows XP, IE 6.0, screen res 1024x768 First article title when on the homepage is below where the final item of the right column (panda-monium game) is which makes a lot of whitespace to scroll through. DaveScot

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