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Fri Nite Frite: It’s been a while since we have done a cobra frite, but …


… in this case, the frite is the cobra’s.

The cobra found itself facing … a cat. Yes, a kitty cat (below).

As the alligator (and any human being who owns a fridge or even a tin of sardines) also discovered a long while back, the cat usually wins. See Also: Cat trees bear.

Some of us think that the reason mammals seem more intelligent is that mammals are endothermic. Reptiles can show intelligence, but in the absence of a need to maintain a high metabolic rate, they often don’t bother.

See also: There is no “tree of intelligence”: Crocodiles use tools.

By the way: If cats are not intelligent, why are there specialist cat hospitals in Ottawa (yes, there are)?

Is there a rat hospital? These creatures are supposed to be smart (run test mazes, etc.). But does anyone care what becomes of them?

So: If cats are dumb compared to some life forms, how do so many of them get so many humans involved with keeping them happy and healthy? To say nothing of defending themselves successfully or even aggressing against some of the most dangerous predators on Earth. Suggestions welcome.

(One possibility: Cats have retractable claws. Most opponent animals who are not themselves cats neither see the claws nor even know about them until the claws land on their nose. This seems to work well with reptiles.)

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