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From “A Sound Barrier: Why Chimps Aren’t Talking” (Salvo 21), on chimpanzee vs. human intelligence



Not only is the boundary wall still brick, but the chimps are not alone on the other side. Dogs perform better on one kind of intelligence test than chimpanzees: “The task was to retrieve the object the experimenter wanted. To indicate which one she desired, the experimenter pointed imperatively to it and directly rewarded the subject for handing over the correct one.” In other words, dogs could understand finger pointing but chimps could not. Even though dogs do not have fingers but chimps do.

For that matter, grey parrots and ravens have been shown to solve puzzles that were formerly reserved for primates. Does that make them closer to humans than other birds are? As close as chimps are? If not, what is the point of studies that attempt to trace the evolution of human abilities by studying those of chimps? The possibility of independent origin of the tested types of intelligence is clearly demonstrated by clever birds, separated from us in evolution by hundreds of millions of years, or so we are told.More.

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Chimps and all animals simply are dumb. Only people have intelligent thought because we were made in Gods image, our soul, and think like a God. I read recently of a ape who could do fantastic memory work. i welcome this as I'm sure our memory is of nature and not of our being in gods image. memory is unrelated therefore to intelligence. So its of ordinary nature and so the origin, I believe, of retardation in people. Not a brain problem but a memory one. Christians who believe in Gods word should be front and centre in teaching people are not clever chimps. We are unlike critters and think like God who judges us on our thinking. Start from this and indeas about smart perts will cease. Robert Byers
Undoubtedly, for certain things, especially for guessing human dispositions. But that's important to dogs and cats - and many of them put a fair amount of mental work into it. For solving some problems, it's not the raw intelligence that decides but the focus. News
My cat sometimes seem to understand where is some hidden piece of meal or a fly when I point it with my finger. So perhaps an scientist advocate of ID can proof that not only dogs, but even cats are more intelligent than monkeys. creatoblepas

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