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Science laff: Sex simpler if we were bonobos


File:A small cup of coffee.JPG From Real Clear Science:

Not only are bonobos liberal in their lovemaking, they also aren’t shy about requesting it. Researchers report in the journal Scientific Reports that wild female bonobos will make blatant gestures asking for genital-on-genital rubbing. Subtlety is not their specialty. The two moves the scientists observed were foot-pointing, in which the female used her foot to point at her genitals, and the “hip shimmy,” in which she wiggled her genitals to mimic rubbing. Some 83% of the time, another female responded, giving the signaller exactly what she wanted. More.

Everything would be simpler if we were bonobos.

But try suing a bonobo for chimp support.

No wonder they are an endangered species.

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One gets paid to watch and record this? what animal privacy rights? I smell; a supreme court case coming. The present court would go with the immoral conclusion. another idea from the founders would be found. Anyways. Bisexuality is the norm in the animal kingdom BUT NEVER is there homosexuality. Never exclusive same sex sex. only people because it shows sex for people is about identity. Just as god said. Dongs by the way ain't any more shy about asking for such things. if they were more dextrous with limbs they would also point. its about motives and means. Robert Byers
No wonder they are an endangered species.
That might have more to do with humans poaching them and destroying their habitat. daveS

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