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Are atheists lonely and invisible?

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From Daily Caller:

A sad, sparse crowd of a few thousand people dotted the expansive National Mall in Washington, D.C. on Saturday to be part of a “Reason Rally,” an event devoted increasing the political power of Americans who reject religion.

“There are millions and millions and millions of atheists in America,” Robyn E. Blumner, CEO of the Richard Dawkins Foundation, told the meager flock of believers in nothingness.

Blumner also complained that no one listens to atheists. More.

Have yourself an atheist-free evening. See you in the morning.

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Unfortunately, I think you're right mahuna. bb
This is silly. The reason only a small number of people showed up is that Socialists are so widely powerful that none of them feel the need to celebrate atheism as a set of religious beliefs separate from their political beliefs. Across America and Western Europe, atheistic Socialism dominates society. Atheism is so smotheringly pervasive in academia, local and national politics, and the media that any public gathering of theists is routinely labelled a protest. Although I believe that condemnation of belief in God is limited SOLELY to Christian beliefs. Public ceremonies by Moslems, Buddhists, shamanists, and even Voodoo cults are given serious respect by The Press. mahuna
Doesn'y believe in God but do in invisible millions of atheists eh. Isn't the Democratic party the atheist party? Was not the Supreme court gay marriage decision based on the presumption God did not prohibit gay marriage and instead created marriage between man/woman? This option was dismissed in order to find the constitution said gay marriage was morally and legally mandatory. THIS SAIRTH THE LORD. in fact its true christians who get no voice relative to our numbers. Hollywood is not Christian for many reasons. neither is anything that gets attention of large audiences. Perhaps atheism is too intellectual and rather thery should have a Godless rally. That would bring in fantastic numbers and most of Washington. Barack Obama too. Robert Byers

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