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FOR RECORD: What we are dealing with . . . an example of web stalking and vandalism


This morning, I had occasion to visit a blog based course site I have developed, for working with a church in the Caribbean.

This is a sample of the stalking and vandalism I discovered there, from the hate site owner:

xxx, the religious wacko who owns and runs this site, blames all the world’s ills, including Hitler and the nazis, on Darwin, atheists, and material evolutionists.

To see the truth about Hitler and the nazis, see these XXXXXXX:

XXXXXX is a LYING, arrogant, bloviating, sanctimonious, ignorant, uneducated, abusive, delusional god zombie.

See this site for a lot more about XXXXX:

November 18, 2011 3:17 AM

Now, this vandalism of a site wholly unrelated to the matters debated at UD (and tied onwards to a hate site that exploits Google’s freedom of comment policies), was evidently in response to my having posted here at UD, matters linked to the well-known history of ideas roots of Hitler’s thought. I therefore suggest that onlookers examine the Weikart lecture and a discussion of a key clip from Mein Kampf that demonstrated the Darwinist-Haeckelian frame of thought, that beyond reasonable doubt strongly shaped Hitler’s thinking, speech and behaviour. (Those needing documentation on Hitler’s actual attitude to and intentions for the Christian Churches, can look at the recently released Nuremberg investigatory documents here. If after seeing these documents and the like, someone still insists on trying to claim Hitler was a Christian etc etc, s/he is delusional and/or willfully deceitful.)

Of course, Hitler is an extreme. However, the much broader eugenics movement also exhibited quite shocking ideas and behaviour, tracing to the same roots. Indeed, it took the shock of the holocaust to expose the tendencies and thereafter it took decades before eugenics died down. Let us remember how this was seen as “scientific” by leading people all across the world, by showing here the logo for the second international congress on eugenics:

"Eugenics is the self-direction of human evolution": Logo from the Second International Eugenics Conference, 1921, depicting Eugenics as a tree which unites a variety of different fields. (HT: Wiki)


As they say, a tree is known by its fruits, and draws sustenance from its roots . . .

(In addition, a note on “blaming the world’s ills.” The likes of this hate-driven commenter will not appreciate or accept that a Bible-believing Christian will hold that much of what ails our world traces to our common challenge of being finite, fallible, morally fallen and too often ill-willed. Hence, our common need for recognition of our moral plight, repentance, forgiveness and moral-spiritual transformation through the gospel. Slander-laced strawmen and scapegoats are ever so much more easy to set up and ignite through irresponsible rhetoric that then clouds, polarises and poisons the atmosphere.)

That refusal to be responsible over a moral hazard closely tied to the Darwinist, evolutionary materialist frame of thought, and that refusal to acknowledge well-established historical facts that are inconvenient to the new atheist agenda are tellingly informative.

The pattern of obsessive, self-justifying, nihilistic hate, stalking, slander, Internet vandalism and abuse is even more informative about an unfortunately significant subset of the New Atheist movement and the danger its patent extremism poses. (After this sort of web vandalism, and worse, can any reasonable person doubt why moderation is necessary to maintain a reasonable tone at UD and elsewhere?)

Ironically, the very conscience benumbed self-justifying by smearing scapegoats that this sort of behaviour demonstrates on the small scale, is what — when such attitudes attained state power — led to the utter breakdown of morality on the grand scale that over 100 million ghosts from the past century tell us never to forget.

Can any reasonable person doubt that had a commentator like the above the power to do as he wished and get away with it, he would do me and my family further harm?

It is time for the New Atheist advocates of evolutionary materialism to take a serious look at what they have been enabling by their intemperate writings and attitudes.

I expose the above to the view of all, on the premise that sunshine drives out corruption. END

F/N, Jan 9: Here is a visual demonstration of the Anti-christ, blasphemous spirit that animated Hitler and Nazism. U/D Jan 11: I have had to respond to Dr Larry Moran’s personally abusive comment in F/N 2 to the just linked post; I also note that indeed Christians have too often indulged in antisemitism; but, this does nothing to erase the lines of historical influence highlighted above, nor — given the above demonstration and linked documentation — can an honest and informed person reasonably conclude that Hitler and Nazism were Christian, which is exactly what the likes of EvilBible etc try to assert. (NB: I have submitted a brief notice at Moran’s blog, which is awaiting his approval; BTW, this policy of blog owner approval of comments that appear there suggests that Dr Moran supports outing tactics and similar behaviour as the comment thread will reveal.)