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Back in 1994, at an ID symposium at Cambridge, I recall Arthur Peacocke getting up and sneering that “design is an American thing.” Some years later Stephen Jay Gould would comfort himself with the thought that “creationism” (a catch-all for him that included ID) was largely confined to these United States. In fact, ID has been going international for some time now. I, for one, am in touch with ID enthusiasts from all continents except Antarctica. Here is an edited note from a colleague in Brazil (he refers to the BAAS — Brazilian Association for the Advancement of Science — in deference to his American readers; it is in fact the SBPC — Sociedade Brasileira para o Progresso da Ciencia; don’t hold your breath that our AAAS will follow suit):

Subject Header: ID gets prime time in Brazil

A small band of Brazilian IDers is proud to announce that the BAAS published our response: “A Tarefa Ingrata de Limpar ‘Conveses’ de um Paradigma em Crise” — The Unpleasant Task of Cleaning Up Decks of a Paradigm in Crisis — three days in a row! For those on this list able to read in Spanish or Portuguese, take a look at:

April 27 — http://www.jornaldaciencia.org.br/Detalhe.jsp?id=27485
April 28 — http://www.jornaldaciencia.org.br/Detalhe.jsp?id=27533
April 29 — http://www.jornaldaciencia.org.br/Detalhe.jsp?id=27575

What are the lessons that we have learned from this? Even in places like BAAS there are people (the editor!) willing to hear and to publish our views….

If you can't read Portugese, and would still like to get an idea of what was written in those articles. You can right-click and copy those URL's to the articles (provided above) and paste them in Googles language translation tool. PAste the URL into the Text box labeled "Translate a web page:". Then select 'Portugese to English' from the drop down list below that. Note: I didn't have as good a translation with the Spanish (the two languages are almost as different as they are similar to each other). http://www.google.com/language_tools It's not the best translation, but I think context will help to infer meaning. I hope this helped. :) JGuy
Well, I have to say that at least on this part of the world, Mr. Dembski's name is not a very famous name, at least in most of the scientific community. Still, it should be interest to know how deep the influence of ID ideas are in here (I haven't mentioned before, I live (and work) in Chile), maybe with the pupose of generating discussion and debate around ID. Juanu
THIS NOTE JUST IN FROM BRAZIL --WmAD Dr. Dembski, Thanks for making the small band of Brazilian IDers known abroad! SBPC really stands for Sociedade Brasileira para o Avanço da Ciência. However, due to the newest Brazilian civil code it had to change its name to BAAS - Braziliam Association for the Advancement of Science [Associaçao Brasileira para o Avanço da Ciência]. Since SBPC is an old trademark and a well-known name they decided to keep it on all their official documents. We hope that Jose Monserrat Filho, editor of JC E-Mail, by publishing our articles on ID will not have the same fate such as Dr. Richard Sternberg's at Smithsonian. Best regards from Brazil, Enezio E. de Almeida Filho P.S.: JC E-Mail is a daily online newsletter, and I don't know for long they keep these editions online. It will be a good idea to copy and save this article for future reference. William Dembski
Parabéns pra a SBPC y pra a Teoría do Design Inteligente no Brasil!!!! Daniel512

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