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New Website about Atheism


I received this email today from Rupert Sheldrake:

You might be interested to know about an excellent new web site about atheism that is hosted on the Cambridge University server and is factual, informative and non-polemical, and puts the “new atheism” into a broad historical and philosophical context. It would be good if you help draw people’s attention to it: www.investigatingatheism.info

Please check out the below link from the site - Articles responses. I don't think the site is pro-atheism at all. See the "content from other websites". http://www.investigatingatheism.info/responsesarticles.html James Parker
This is a pretty smart site as far as I've seen. The article by John Gray was particularly fair-minded in my view. I would disagree that it is redundant. Although I am a theist, work like this makes the other side of the debate more accessible. It will hopefully chip away at the efforts of those unseen forces who pit "angry, amoral atheists" against "religious whackos from a bygone era"---and often do so to boost funds or egos. equinoxe
A good site. Thanks for sharing. --An Atheist minerva
I like the site. It presents atheism in a simple but factual manner. I couldn't find much that I disagreed with. Venus Mousetrap
Nathan, It may be trying to write in a tone similar to an encyclopedia. As a contrast to the atheist cheerleaders at wikipedia, but then, we have conservapeadia for that, so this is just redundant. your servant, d. grey dennis grey
Nathan, I suggest that the point of the site is just to be a resource for people studying atheism. It is not a polemical site, but just a starting point for research. It will certainly be a big help in designing responses to atheism, and I am very excited that Cambridge has done this. Leo Hales
From the site: Counters to Theist Arguments Many atheists see themselves as having the natural or automatic position, arguing that we do not believe in things until evidence is provided for them, and that God is no exception. Atheists are also often defined largely in reaction to specific religions. It is therefore natural that many atheists have focused upon countering theist arguments in an attempt to show that there is no rational justification for belief in God. I just can't figure out the point of the site. It doesn't make arguments for or against and it doesn't seem to represent one side or the other particularly well. Weird. Nathan
I bet that the other side would not advertise a new ID web site! We are not afraid. idnet.com.au
The website apparently does not appear to frame Atheism in the standard postitive and enlightened sense as Atheists themselves tend to do, and does openly admit that there are problems with formulating an Atheistic form of morality as well as the problem of possible violent Atheistic idealogies. Unfortunately I have not read that much of history to know if what they say is true, or the validity of their sources, but they appear to give Atheism rather balanced treatment. WinglesS
Pretty. They need to add some balance. e.g.: The Devil's Delusion: Atheism and Its Scientific Pretensions, by David Berlinski, Crown Forum (April 1, 2008) ISBN-10: 0307396266 David Berlinski gets Expelled ID The Future PodCast DLH

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