Intelligent Design

Walter Bradley at ORU

Professor Walter Bradley, Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Baylor University, has spoken on every major campus in North America concerning “Scientific Evidence for the Existence of God.”  Here is a shortened version of the talk he gave in March at ORU .  When introduced, reference is made to Bradley’s “The Mystery Of Life’s Origin” […]

Intelligent Design

EV Ware: Dissection of a Digital Organism

Can undirected Darwinian evolution create information? In a celebrated paper titled “Evolution of Biological Information,” a computer program named ev, says yes.  It claims to illustrate the following properties of evolution. “[Ev shows] how life gains information.” Specifically “that biological information… can rapidly appear in genetic control systems subjected to replication, mutation and selection.” Ev […]


Dr. Charles Garner’s Editorial

Charles Garner, Professor of Chemistry at Baylor University served along with Steve Meyer as Expert Reviewer on Texas Science Standards.  (Here is an article from the Austin Statesman covering the issue: LINK.)   Dr. Garner recently wrote the following editorial for the Waco Tribune. Charles Garner, guest column: It’s not religion; it’s sound, skeptical science […]