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Heuristic Value of Design vs Evolution

An article entitled “Architectural Analysis and Intraoperative Measurements Demonstrate the Unique Design of the Multifidus Muscle for Lumbar Spine Stability,” in the current issue of the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, nicely refutes Dobzhansky’s pontifical pronouncement that “nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution.” The abstract is available online, though […]

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“Preexisting Evolutionary Potential” now a Scientific Fact

A recent multidisciplinary study on the two-phase increase in the size of life has concluded that there must exist a “preexisting evolutionary potential” to explain the sudden increase in size and complexity which occurred twice in the history of life, both times following increases in atmospheric oxygen. From the earliest bacteria to the largest organisms, […]


ID in my Daughter’s Science Class

I recently assisted my daughter with a most interesting project for her 8th grade science class. The assignment was to learn about a Biome, write a report on it, then design an animal to live in it. The students were to provide a description of the characteristics of their animal which suited it to life […]

Intelligent Design

Animal and Human Mind: Darwinists Want it Both Ways

The cover story of the current (March 2008)issue of National Geographic is “Inside Animal Minds.” It is an interesting, persuasive, and I’m sure quite unintentional argument against the Darwinist position that mind is an illusory epiphenomenon of the material brain. The article presents truly interesting examples of studies involving dogs, elephants, fish, primates, sheep, octopus, […]

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Another Explosion of Life: Avalon

Similar to the Cambrian explosion of animal life, it appears there was an earlier similar explosion for plants, at least the Ediacaran variety. In what the ScienceNOW Daily News is calling Another Big Bang for Biology, the oldest assemblage of macroscopic life forms on earth, Ediacaran plants, appeared suddenly and fully diversified. This plant life […]

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Where Did Sea Anemones Get Human Genes?

Another surprise for Darwinists has been found in the genome of the lowly, primitive sea anemone. In an article published in Science and summarized here we discover that: The newly decoded DNA of a few-centimeter-tall sea anemone looks surprisingly similar to our own, a team led by Nicholas Putnam and Daniel Rokhsar from the U.S. […]

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NRC Admits Mutation Not Sufficient Explanation for Evolution

I thought this was worth sharing: On Page 8 of a Report from the National Research Council there is an interesting admission: “Natural selection based solely on mutation is probably not an adequate mechanism for evolving complexity.” Of course the report itself supports the concept of Darwinian evolution. But I think the admission that mutation […]

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Radiation-Eating Fungi

Life’s capabilities continue to astound. Another assumption of mainstream science is overturned: Now we find that some kinds of fungi can grow very nicely, thank you, in very high radiation environments, and even appear to thrive, using radiation as an energy source. I wonder; in what sort of environment did these organisms evolve to account […]

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Flies Show Free Will

A team of neurobiologists led by Bjorn Brembs of Free University Berlin have found experimental evidence in fruit fly behavior indicating that these much-abused bugs may have an element of free will. A report on the study in LiveScience notes that: For centuries, the question of whether or not humans possess free will — and […]