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Dissenting Viewpoints discussed in a German Journal

The latest edition of the german journal “Religion-Staat-Gesellschaft/Journal for the Study of Beliefs and Worldviews” (Jg.7 (2006), Nr.2) holds the focus on Intelligent Design & Evolution. ID-proponents and evolution-critics got a good chance to present and defend their viewpoints. Although the journal is dedicated to the study of worldviews and their roles in society there was also space to present scientific arguments and facts. The broad content includes a sociological analysis concerning the (largely negative) media coverage of ID in the german speaking area (Schmidt) and even a direct debate between ID-proponents (Lönnig/Meis) and critics (Gutmann/Warnecke). Papers Robert Schmidt, “Götter und Designer bleiben draußen” – Eine kritische Diskursanalyse der Medienberichterstattung zu Intelligent Design im deutschsprachigen Raum p135-184 Hans Peter Comes, Read More ›