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Huge, newly discovered mountains fed life on Earth 600 million years ago?

Mountain roots found in northwest Brazil/Carlos Ganade de Araujo

From ScienceDaily:

The mountain range was similar in scale to the Himalayas and spanned at least 2,500 kilometers of modern west Africa and northeast Brazil, which at that time were part of the supercontinent Gondwana.

“Just like the Himalayas, this range was eroded intensely because it was so huge. As the sediments washed into the oceans they provided the perfect nutrients for life to flourish,” said Professor Daniela Rubatto of the Research School of Earth Sciences at The Australian National University (ANU).

“Scientists have speculated that such a large mountain range must have been feeding the oceans because of the way life thrived and ocean chemistry changed at this time, and finally we have found it.”

Possible precursor to Cambrian?

Of course, the life forms had to actually be there to take advantage of it. Stay tuned.

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