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Researchers: The development of Earth’s inner core coincided with the Cambrian Explosion


We’re only learning about the inner core:

Earth’s magnetic field, nearly as old as the planet itself, protects life from damaging space radiation. But 565 million years ago, the field was sputtering, dropping to 10% of today’s strength, according to a recent discovery. Then, almost miraculously, over the course of just a few tens of millions of years, it regained its strength—just in time for the sudden profusion of complex multicellular life known as the Cambrian explosion.

… Once the inner core was born, possibly 4 billion years after the planet itself, its treelike growth—accreting a few millimeters per year at its surface—would have turbocharged motions in the outer core, reviving the faltering magnetic field and renewing the protective shield for life. “The inner core regenerated Earth’s magnetic field at a really interesting time in evolution,” says John Tarduno, a geophysicist at the University of Rochester. “What would have happened if it didn’t form?”

ALL THIS COMPLEXITY appears to be geologically recent. Scientists once placed the inner core’s birth back near the planet’s formation. But a decade ago, researchers found, using diamond anvils at outer core conditions, that iron conducts heat at least twice as fast as previously thought. Cooling drives the growth of the inner core, so the rapid heat loss combined with the inner core’s current size meant it was unlikely to have formed more than 1 billion years ago, and more than likely came even later. “There’s no way around a relatively recent appearance of the inner core,” says Bruce Buffett, a geodynamicist at UC Berkeley.

Paul Voosen, “The Planet Inside” at Science (March 31, 2022)

Sounds like a rollout, really.

Sounds like these various teams of researchers are lost in the wilderness, trying a variety of ways to post-fit old data from a few nuclear tests. They're nowhere near a usable answer or even a usable method. It would make sense, though, if the big changes in magnetic shape corresponded to big changes in the shape of life. A sudden shift of the magnetic field would kill huge numbers of bacteria, and move the rest into new places and patterns that would then reshape weather and life. We're seeing something like this in recent decades, as the field is making another sudden shift, heating the poles FROM BELOW, NOT FROM ABOVE. We call this shift "CO2" because we're hopelessly blinded by demonic government funds and demonic false religions. polistra
How could the inner core be born billions of years after the planet? It is far more likely they have no idea how the inner core and magnetic field work in tandem with each other. BobRyan
Yes, under a million years ago, yet within a week of complex life on Earth. Reference Pearlman (ID and) YeC for the alignment of Torah testimony, the highest probability science and ancient civ. Pearlman

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