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ID Foundations 15(c) — A FAQ on Front-Loading, thanks to Genomicus

Onlookers, Geno concludes for the moment with FAQ’s: ____________________ Geno: >> A Testable ID Hypothesis: Front-loading, part C In the last two articles on front-loading, I explained what the front-loading hypothesis is all about and some research questions we can ask from a front-loading perspective. This article will be an FAQ about the front-loading hypothesis. […]

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ID Foundations 15 (b): Front-loading as a testable hypothesis cont’d — a guest post by Genomicus

Genomicus continues his presentation of the front-loading hypothesis: ___________ Geno: >>In my previous article on the subject of front-loading, I described the front-loading hypothesis and what it proposes. I outlined three testable predictions generated by the front-loading hypothesis. In this article, we’ll see how the front-loading hypothesis can lead us to numerous research questions, and […]

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A process sequence chart view of the ribosome in action — a guest post by EP

For some months now, I have been having a behind the scenes correspondence with a regular viewer of UD, whom we shall call EP. He works with industrial robots, and has been fascinated by the way the ribosome works as a nano-scale automated machine cell. Accordingly, a process sequence diagram (‘map”) has been developed, based […]