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Climate change

Has the American Scientific Affiliation Forgotten Their Stated Identity?

Our vision is to promote good science, based on impartial evaluation of evidence, not mere consensus. Read More ›

The Darwin lobby has been forced to take a part time job?


Ian Binns, a science education researcher at Louisiana StateUniversity, told Science that a law such as Louisiana’s, which misdescribes established scientific theories such as evolution as controversial, “tells our students and teachers that there are problems that there aren’t” and distort their understanding of the nature of science;
NCSE’s Joshua Rosenau added, “Science is not about providing balance to every viewpoint that’s out there.” NCSE is now monitoring controversies over the teaching of climate change as well as controversies over the teaching of evolution, but the scope of the problem is as yet unclear; as Rosenau explained, “Just like with evolution, it’s difficult to know what a given teacher in a given classroom is teaching.” Read More ›

When the politics of climate change clash with the politics of Darwinism, expect a big fight – but which wins?

copepod Tigriopus californicus/Morgan Kelly, UC Davis

An interesting clash is shaping up between the truisms of Darwinian evolution and those of climate change, as reported in “Can Evolution Outpace Climate Change? Tiny Seashore Animal Suggests Not”, (ScienceDaily, June 9, 2011):

Animals and plants may not be able to evolve their way out of the threat posed by climate change, according to a UC Davis study of a tiny seashore animal. The research is published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.The tide pool copepod Tigriopus californicus is found from Alaska to Baja California — but in a unique lab study, the animals showed little ability to evolve heat tolerance. Read More ›