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ID and the Charge of Fundamentalism

Baylor’s eclectic approach to gathering faith-and-learning resources meant they sometimes failed to screen out the culturally militant elements of evangelicalism. In a head-shaking blunder, Sloan’s team put William Dembski—point man for the Intelligent Design movement—in charge of a new science-and-religion center. It’s hard to imagine any step that would have been more effective in convincing skeptical faculty that Sloan was turning Baylor over to the fundamentalists.

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Christianity Today’s 2005 Book Awards

Two ID books were selected among Christianity Today’s 2005 Book Awards: in the category of Apologetics/Evangelism, Lee Strobel’s The Case for a Creator; in the category Christianity & Culture, my book The Design Revolution (another of my books Intelligent Design: The Bridge Between Science and Theology received that same award in 2000). Awards like this Read More…

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Templeton Foundation Enlists Journalists into Its Science-Religion Discussion

Looking for 10 Fine Journalists Setting Up the Templeton-Cambridge Journalism Fellowships in Science and Religion By Julia Vitullo-Martin “It’s a pleasure to meet a man who’s got an asteroid named after him,” said Cathy Lynn Grossman, the religion correspondent for USA Today, extending her hand to Owen Gingerich, research professor of astronomy at Harvard and Read More…