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Friday the 13th in Africa

A rare glimpse of natural selection in action was captured today. Look at the bright side: At least the poor creature didn’t suffer, and the lions got an easy meal.

Clueless Mockery at PT

I don’t say much around here these days. In fact, I’ll be honest with you; the hard science which resides at the core of the debate over whether or not naturalistic mechanisms could have generated biological novelty or whatever else doesn’t especially interest me, so I pretty much leave it to others. Nor do I make it my mission to duke it out with anyone and everyone who opposes some position I hold with respect to ID. My time is just too precious, and many people won’t change their minds no matter what you tell them. But occasionally I come across statements just too flagrantly moronic to let them slide. Such is the case with this cheap shot a “guest contributor” at The Panda’s Thumb takes at something Dr. Egnor says (Egnor’s statement provided within the quote):
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Off-Topic: Ahhh, The Madness of March!

This has absolutely nothing to do with intelligent design, but I just had to share it. It’s the final 45.6 seconds of Saturday’s NCAA D-II men’s basketball national championship game between The Bulldogs of Barton College and the Warriors of Winona State University. Bear in mind as you watch this that Winona State is on a D-II record 57 game winning streak. I love March!!!

A Simple Request

After mulling over the recent blasphemy challenge brouhaha, I have a concern I’d like to express. Spiritual matters aside, I want to draw attention to the potential psychological ramifications of committing such an act as the challenge requires. As long as the person remains an atheist (or at least a non-Christian), I see no problems. However, what if he or she were to come to believe later in life that Christianity is true and that he or she had committed a sin for which no forgiveness can be attained and for which the penalty is eternity in hell?
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ID on South Park?

South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone–two guys who are not exactly known for refraining from pushing buttons–have made an episode of the show which addresses the topic of opposition to evolution in public schools. It airs tomorrow night at 10:00 EST (9:00 PST) on Comedy Central. Go here for a synopsis and a teaser clip.

Ummm….I think Wikipedia has the Wellses confused.

At least I hope it’s just confusion. If not, then it looks an awful lot like persecution of a man for his personal views. To see what I’m talking about, go here. It’s stuff like this that makes me glad to see that a rival to Wikipedia is “days away from launching” and is supposed to be “more orderly” in the management of its entries. We’ll see.

Update: It looks like the incriminating part of the “Criticism” section has been promptly removed–after having been up for at least four days! Luckily for you, dear readers, I anticipated this move and saved it:
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A Reply to Mark Frank

Carlos, Mark Frank, and I were discussing design detection over at Alan Fox’s blog, Languedoc Diary, last week when a mountain of work I had allowed to pile up forced me to take a short blogging sabbatical. Well, I’m back (for the moment at least), and I thought I’d post my response to Mark’s last comment here at UD.
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(Slightly Off-Topic) Introducing Another Bill–Bill Vallicella, the Maverick Philosopher

For those of you enjoying the antics of those bungling buffoons over at the PT circus (I know I am!), I’d like to warn you that too much of that stuff will rot your brain. Never fear, however. I’ve got just the thing to remedy that. Bill Vallicella (aka the Maverick Philosopher) has a blog on which he posts and discusses his philosophical ruminations. It’s a place I like to go when in need of some good mental excercise. Check it out!

New Blog: “Conservatives Against Intelligent Design”

Well, it started up at the end of May, so it’s not all that new. This goes to show you that conservatives can be just as close-minded as anybody else. What we need now is liberal support for ID and we’ll be all set! Go here to check it out.

The Dilemma of Joe the Archaeologist

Joe is an archaeologist at a major university. Not long ago, he came across evidence which was strong enough to convince him that there lies somewhere in the Andes a fabulous ancient city which has since been lost and forgotten. Confident that he knew the location of the city, Joe was able to acquire a grant to fund an excavation and traveled to a village not far from where he had planned to dig. However, after lengthy conversation with the villagers, Joe discovers that the lost city is most likely not where he had originally planned to dig and could very well be at either of two other locations–both of them far less easily accessible than the original site.
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A Little Something for Your Amusement

Here you can listen to an entertaining anti-ID rant made by Henry Rollins. As you listen to it, remember that Rollins and others like him are only interested in defending the integrity of science. 😆 (HT: Krauze of Telic Thoughts) [Somebody please do a transcript of this and post it here. This is too good not to put into print. –WmAD]

A Deistic Rebuttal of “Dogmatic Atheism and Scientific Ignorance”

In this essay, deist Peter Murphy charges those he calls “active” or “dogmatic” atheists with being “scientifically illiterate, illogical, and cynical”. Poor Mr. Murphy. I guess he just doesn’t realize that by challenging materialistic dogma established fact, he’s just exposed himself as a Bible thumpin’ Christian fundy. I wonder what role in that dastardly Wedge Strategy he fulfills. 😛