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Christian Darwinists getting purged from Calvin College?

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In Grand Rapids, Michigan, Christian Reformed. From “Calvin College Professor Claims Administration Not Truthful Over Colleague’s Resignation” (Christian Post, August 17, 2011), we learn:

A Calvin College professor claims that college administrators are being dishonest about the forced resignation of one of his colleagues over issues related to evolution and scriptural interpretation.

In a statement to the Grand Rapids Press, Calvin College, a liberal arts college in Grand Rapids, Mich., said that John Schneider, professor of religion at Calvin College for 25 years, “chose to request retirement on terms that reflected his love and respect for the college, the faculty, and the students, and his desire that his scholarship not cause harm or distraction. The college, with appreciation and respect for Professor Schneider’s many contributions and faithful service as a scholar and teacher, agreed to grant such retirement as of June 30, 2011.”

“All of that is false,” Professor Dan Harlow told The Christian Post. Schneider did not leave on amicable terms, as the college is claiming.

Vocal Darwin supporter Steve Matheson has left too:

Harlow thinks it could be related to the controversy surrounding him and Schneider. Harlow says he has no idea of what really happened, but “in print and on campus [Matheson] was the most vocal and strident critic of our president, provost and college administration for their botching of this whole affair.”

This was the kind of thing.

Messrs. dmullenix and David W. Gibson: Gonzalez had something like 68 peer-reviewed papers published before he lost his job at ISU. That's more than both of you combined. His citation index was higher than that of anyone in his department. Have either of you contributed anything comparable to any field of science? You can start criticizing better men when you have. Timaeus
A new astronomy professor at ISU is given a secretary, an office and a small salary. It is then his job to: A: Develop a research proposal. B: Write grants to secure money to pay for his research. C: Start doing the research. If he succeeds in A, B & C and the research looks fruitful, he is awared tuition. If not, he's shown the door. Exactly what, if anything, Dr. Gonzalez did academically in his seven years isn't known, but we know that he did NOT do A, B or C. In seven years, he never thought up something to investigate, so he never raised any money to pay for the research and hence he never did any research. After seven wasted years, he was canned. Luckily for Dr. Gonzalez, he HAD done one thing while on the University's payroll - he wrote an ID friendly book. This enabled him to loudly cry "Martyr!", which sounds a lot better than "Failure!", which is what he was. dmullenix
As well, it seems our resident neo-Darwinian atheists tend to forget that it was basically a witch hunt, led by a atheistic religious studies professor, that was the primary reason that Gonzalez's was really denied tenure at ISU. But alas, as with all things in dealing with atheistic neo-Darwinists, it seems that the truth is the first casualty in their view of reality. A little bit of that persecution is revealed in the following video;
Guillermo Gonzalez & Stephen Meyer on Coral Ridge - video (Part 1) http://www.truthinaction.org/index.php/truth-that-transforms?p=CRH1118_F Guillermo Gonzalez & Stephen Meyer on Coral Ridge - video (Part 2) http://www.truthinaction.org/index.php/truth-that-transforms?p=CRH1119_F
As well, despite what neo-Darwinists may say, the persecution of teachers who disagree with neo-Darwinists view of reality has been relentless and has devastated many lives.
Origins - Slaughter of the Dissidents with Dr. Jerry Bergman - video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6rzaM_BxBk Darwin's diabolical delusions - Ellis Washington - September 2011 Excerpt: Tragically, for over 150 years since the publication of Darwin's diabolical, anti-scientific book, "On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life," nonpartisan science, truth, logic and deductive reasoning have been ruthlessly suppressed and replaced with state-funded Darwinist propaganda, groupthink, education atheism, liberal fascism and Machiavellian tactics as demonstrated in the Sewell case representing the ongoing battles between the Darwin Gestapo and Intelligent Design scientists. http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=343445
Darwinists Spread Misinformation about Guillermo Gonzalez's Denial of Tenure Casey Luskin May 19, 2007
False Fact #3: Dr. Gonzalez's Research Has Not Been Cited Often. The same commenter who claimed Dr. Gonzalez had published a mere 17 papers also claimed that many of the papers had extremely low citation rates. As we explain in the Biosketch of Dr. Guillermo Gonzalez, Astronomer and Asst. Professor at Iowa State University, "His work has been cited in Science, Nature, and many other scientific journals. All told, there were nearly 1,500 citations to his articles and research in science journals by the end of 2005." This is an astoundingly high citation rate for a scientist so young in his career. It is worth noting that Dr. Robert J. Marks, Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Baylor University stated: "My jaw dropped when I saw one of his papers has 153 citations and 139 on another. I have sat on oodles of tenure committees at both a large private university and a state research university, chaired the university tenure committee, and have seen more tenure cases than the Pope has Cardinals. This is a LOT of citations for an assistant professor up for tenure." False Fact #4: The Only Publications that Matter are the Ones Published Since Joining ISU. Some commenters seemed to operate under the assumption that the only publications that should be counted are the ones published by the tenure applicant since joining ISU. But this is not what tenure guidelines for the Department of Physics and Astronomy state: "For promotion to associate professor, excellence sufficient to lead to a national or international reputation is required and would ordinarily be shown by the publication of approximately fifteen papers of good quality in refereed journals." There is no indication that the publications must be since joining ISU, and the text seems to assume that all publications in the scientist's career are to be counted. False Fact #5: Dr. Gonzalez Must Have Been Denied Tenure Due to a Lack of Research Grants. Some commentators have implied that the denial of tenure to Gonzalez was related to a lack of research grants. Yet, as reported here, the tenure standards of Gonzalez's department do not even mention grants as a factor in tenure and promotion--so if this was an issue Dr. Gonzalez's department was disregarding its own standards for tenure. (It should be added that those who have made this claim are merely speculating, because the specifics of Gonzalez's tenure denial are confidential while the denial is on appeal.) False Fact #6: ISU's Tenure Standards Are So High Even Many Good Researchers Cannot Get Tenure There. ISU has tried to insist that it is really difficult to get tenure at ISU, but as we revealed earlier this week, the facts contradict this claim. Indeed, the tenure acceptance rate at ISU has risen from 85% in 2003 to 91% in 2007! This hardly shows that it is particularly difficult to get tenure at ISU.
What dmullenix is probably referring to is the fact that Gonzalez had no major grants during his seven years at ISU, had published no significant research during that time and had only one graduate student finish a dissertation. According to the Des Moines Register, "Iowa State has sponsored $22,661 in outside grant money for Gonzalez since July 2001, records show. In that same time period, Gonzalez's peers in physics and astronomy secured an average of $1.3 million by the time they were granted tenure." David W. Gibson
Dr. Gonzalez, who didn’t seem to do anything at all in seven years at Iowa State University
Odd statement. What does it mean? cantor
Darwinists are not getting purged, they're being EXPELLED! First it was almost Doctor Dembski, now it's definitely Drs. Schneider and Matheson. And it's for something outside of the college in both cases. Publishing a book for Dr. Dembski and publishing a paper with the American Scientific Affiliation for Dr. Schneider. Nobody is accusing either of them of not doing their job, like Dr. Gonzalez, who didn't seem to do anything at all in seven years at Iowa State University or betraying a trust like Dr. Sternberg (who wasn't actually expelled - he's still at the Smithsonian, years later) or teaching creationism in class like Dr. Crocker. Nobody's safe! dmullenix

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