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2011: The year string theorists threw Susy under the bus?


SUSY is supersymmetry, one of the many multiverse string theory concepts that supposedly explain our universe. Mathematician and skeptical cosmologist Peter Woit thinks (Not Even Wrong, July 25, 2011):

The bottom line though is not a surprise, but rather pretty much what many people (including myself) expected. The unconvincing popular theoretical models of the last few decades have finally been confronted with experiment, which is falsifying them, to the extent that they can be falsified. It’s an inspiring example of the scientific method working as it should. The remaining mass range for the Higgs is the expected one, and, as expected, this is the hardest place to separate the Higgs from the background. If it’s really there, the data collected during the rest of this year should be enough to give a statistically significant signal. So, within a few months we should finally have an answer to the question that has been plaguing the subject for decades: “Higgs or something else?”. This is very exciting.

So do they now face a choice?: Continue piling one exotic theory on another, oblivious, or deal with the fact that the universe is not what they hoped, and try another angle for finding out what it is?

Rube shouts in: If they are typical materialist atheists, they always thought that was someone else’s choice, not theirs!

One cosmology blogger’s comment is revealing: Addressing Woit,

Lubos clarifies here: he’s only throwing some SUSY models under the bus, not all of them. It’s no longer above 90%, but he still thinks there’s a 50% chance that the LHC will see supersymmetry. And all the bogus claims for “tests of string theory” are my fault, since I created a hostile environment for string theorists where they felt they had to do this kind of thing.

Er, so skeptical Peter Woit, employed math nerd, is the reason the universe is not co-operating with string theorists? Heard that one before?

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