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Big Sokal hoax at Physics arxiv?


Not Even Wrong wonders, and he’s generally credible:

There are rumors going around tonight that there’s been a hoax perpetrated on the arXiv, something like the Sokal hoax. This has to do with an hep-th posting entitled Riding Gravity Away from Doomsday, which has appeared under the name of a very prominent string theorist, Ashoke Sen, winner of the $3 million Milner Fundamental Physics Prize. What I’m hearing is that no one can believe that Sen could possibly have seriously written something this silly, so it must be some sort of hoax. Speculation is that the hoax could have been carried out to make the hep-th moderators look bad, by showing that they’ll agree to anything, no matter how absurd, if it invokes the Landscape and the multiverse. Some think that Sen’s account must have been hacked and then used to post the nonsense paper, others think that Sen himself is behind the hoax, having had enough of the Landscape business. I’ll update this as more information becomes available.

Update: At least some papers on the arXiv still are serious.

Sokal hoax? Start here.

uh oh . . . kairosfocus
In the comments, Peter Woit wrote an update:
Yes, the update about Sen was written very late last evening, I’ve just restored comments that pointed this out. Unfortunately all evidence seems to be that this isn’t actually a hoax…
Bob O'H
Is this, perhaps, more a case of outright fraudulent misuse of a name (and not mere abuse of the privilege of self-policing)? kairosfocus

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