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Hyperskeptic Michael Shermer thinks that gravity leaks out to other universes

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In “Much Ado About Nothing,” at Not Even Wrong, Peter Woit tells us,

In this morning’s developments, we have prominent skeptic Michael Shermer, in Much Ado About Nothing, making the case that the Multiverse finishes off that “God” business, using “multiverse hypotheses predicted from mathematics and physics”. His authority here is the Hawking/Mlodinow popular book, but he’s also convinced that WMAP and LIGO are somehow going to provide evidence for multiverses, something that even the most far-out theorists in this field aren’t claiming. In addition:

Maybe gravity is such a relatively weak force (compared with electromagnetism and the nuclear forces) because some of it “leaks” out to other universes.

Nobody seems to have told Shermer that this is not an idea taken seriously by a significant number of theorists, or that LHC data has shot down the hopes of the one or two such theorists.

Don’t nobody tell Shermer. It’s more fun this way. And this is Friday night. And the rest is hilarious too.

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I guess there's nothing to keep God from "leaking" into this one then. Mung

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