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The lunatic multiverse surely means that the materialists are losing.

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Here, Barry Arrington asks, “Speaking of Winning, Does the Materialists’ Retreat to the Lunacy of the Multiverse Mean ID is Winning?” Maybe, but one thing is certain. The other guys have to be losing.

In “Cosmology: Why the future belongs to intelligent design,” we noted that in “The accidental universe: Science’s crisis of faith” (Harper’s, December 2011), Alan P. Lightman – a physicist and novelist who teaches at MIT, says that the multiverse means that “there is no hope of ever explaining our universe’s features in terms of fundamental causes and principles.”

Alan Guth, a pioneer in cosmological thought, says that “the multiple-universe idea severely limits our hopes to understand the world from fundamental principles.” And the philosophical ethos of science is torn from its roots. As put to me recently by Nobel Prize–winning physicist Steven Weinberg, a man as careful in his words as in his mathematical calculations, “We now find ourselves at a historic fork in the road we travel to understand the laws of nature. If the multiverse idea is correct, the style of fundamental physics will be radically changed.”

They know they are heading over a cliff. But they don’t really care.

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