Really getting into multiverse thinking here

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File:Ontario 401 map.svg
Prediction: Somewhere there is a driver who ...

Max “Multiverse” Tegmark:

To me, the key point is that if theories are scientific, then it’s legitimate science to work out and discuss all their consequences even if they involve unobservable entities. For a theory to be falsifiable, we need not be able to observe and test all its predictions, merely at least one of them.

– in “The Case for Parallel Universes: Why the multiverse, crazy as it sounds, is a solid scientific idea” (Scientific American, July 19, 2011)

Good news! The Toronto Crystal Ball Association predicts a number of things, including the end of the world, the landing of the space aliens, the discovery of the origin of life, and that somewhere along minor Highway 401 (816.6 km/507.4 mi), the provincial police will flag down a driver.

Wait! They did! Some guy was driving weird. Thus, our crystal ball theory (we forget what it was) is true!

Can we get past the idea that multiverses are science? Weren’t they just created to protect Darwinism?

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