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PZ Myers continues to claim he is not a creationist


File:A small cup of coffee.JPG Here.

But why should we believe him rather than the supporters of longtime (now retired) New York Times writer, Nicholas Wade?

Isn’t the New York Times the Gray Lady, the paper of record? What has Myers, the Sage of Morriss, Minnesota, to compare to that?

Seriously, P.Z. Myers continues to scold Nicholas Wade’s Darwinian racism movement for claiming he is a creationist:

But one thing you can know for sure: when someone stoops to rejecting a criticism by inappropriately and falsely nitpicking over the legitimacy of their training, you know they’re desperate. You also know they’re damned lousy scientists.

That also goes for the HBD racists who think calling evolutionary biologists “creationists” is an effective strategy.

Right now claiming someone is a creationist is slightly more effective than invoking Godwin’s law (= “Everyone who doesn’t agree with me is a Nazi”). But not much.

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Also, shouldn’t Myers and multiverse skeptic Peter Woit, also suddenly branded a “creationist,” have lunch?

Anyway, maybe the term “creationist” should be retired? That’s inconvenient for actual creationists. But to the extent that today all it means is “You have cooties!”, it’s no longer very helpful in an adult discussion.

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