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Breaking: PZ Myers is now a “creationist”

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According to him, the partisans of the Darwinian racism book by Nicholas Wade (Troublesome Inheritance) are calling him that:

I have roused the furious slap-fighting anger of the HBD crowd, that’s for sure. They have now come up with a priceless argument to refute everything I’ve said, and are accusing me of being a creationist.

We still haven’t figured out what is going on, and all we are ever going to say about it is, don’t try pinning this one on us.

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Soon they’ll be calling him a mind-body dualist

News desk’s best guess so far

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So P.Z is finding out that people who aren't creationists don't like being labelled as such? You reap what you sow Mr Myers. :-D Blue_Savannah
Ole Paul Zachary is sure a hoot; you gotta know he loves the attention he's getting. OldArmy94

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