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Sneaking creationism into the schools

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From Science, where there is a paywall so I can’t swatch a bit of it for you (but you might be able to read it), there’s this big worry, via Michael Baltzley: Some students might earn credits for learning “creationism.”

Would that include reading Suzan Mazur’s The Paradigm Shifters: Overthrowing “the Hegemony of the Culture of Darwin”? Or anything about rethinking evolution?

Should we punish such students by forcing them to join the Pants in Knot war on creationism in Louisiana? Except, if they had any brains, they’d probably either go home (preferred option) or switch sides (well, we all gotta learn).

Note: Many countries have just avoided these wars, saving the taxpayer time, grief, and money. Some fellow tried starting anti-creationism up in Canada yay years back, but he couldn’t get public funding at that time for starting a big stink for no valuable public purpose.

See also: The “aren’t I good?” teachers.

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Ok, when we send children to educational establishments, we believe that they will only get the best results there and I am not speaking only about grades, we want then to grow, to become better. What we get as a result? We see lots of contradicting thigs that will not definitely make young generation better. I realize the reason why learners just do not want to write academic papers and more often turn to essay writing services, they just search for other sources and unfortunately, educators are not always the best model. Visitor51
Seversky Your better then others but what is DISCUSSED?! I don't need equality but do need inclusion if freedom of thought and speech is the right of man and Americans(and canadians). If all positions are made by credible arguments then ID/YEC would be happy. Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty free at last. This time about serious things and not trivial ones like MLK relative to real freedom. Robert Byers
This is about teaching current science to students. They don't have to agree with it, they don't have to believe it but they should, at least, understand it. I have no objection to intelligent design or creationism being discussed in the science classroom but it would be quite wrong to teach them as if they were theories of equivalent standing to evolution in the field of biology because they are not. Seversky
There should be no sneaking creationism in but a full atomic bomb attack to get freedom of thought and speech BACK in public institutions . Its a moral and legal important right. If creationism must sneak back in then it might sent out, a very famous conclusion in our history on origins, was pure state censorship by suspicious elements in the population. It should be the patriotic and adventurous agenda of all people to overthrow state censorship on important matters. ID/YEC are just another victim along with many. REagan did not merely desire to slow down nuke creation but eliminate it with the Soviets. Thats thinking big and here we are today in nuke peace.. Robert Byers
All some of us know, mw at 1, is that only suckers who have a deep-seated need to fund Darwin-in-the-schools lobbies would get involved in this giant sinkhole for private cash. And you are lucky if it isn't PUBLIC cash. News
Theology is the starting gun used by Darwin in order to blow the brains out of his version of natural selection. See references by BA77, #7 & 8: https://uncommondesc.wpengine.com/intelligent-design/pants-in-knot-creationism-in-louisiana-schools/ It is surely 'sneaky' not to mention Darwin's appeal to theology when discussing materialistic origins. mw

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