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White cliffs. Dover: Creationism invades Europe

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Stefaan Blanche and Peter C. Kjærgaard indulge fears at Scientific American:

We have both had encounters with creationists. They come in all shades and represent all major denominations. They live in cities and in rural areas. Some are well educated, some belong to the establishment, others don’t. Some are well organized and well funded, others are not. Several are dedicated to a cause, many as missionaries with the role of spreading the word of divine creation as opposed to evolution; others keep to themselves. But despite their differences, they have something in common—they are all Europeans.

A certain type of education prevents the average European intellectual from considering the possibility that such a disparate group may be united more by a common doubt than a common faith. Maybe it’s easier to just crack down over there.

We are used to thinking about creationism as an exclusively North American phenomenon. It is not. Although it originated in the U.S., organized creationism has gone global. But in Europe creationism does not represent a united community; it varies strongly from one country to the next. In some countries creationism provides an identity to smaller local religious communities, and has little impact. This is the case in Scandinavia. In other places creationism is tied to substantial and well-organized subcultures. We find this in the Netherlands. And in some places creationism exists among religious elites that have considerable political power. Russia is a notable example. More.

So people are free to express doubts about Darwin in different ways? Gotta stop that.

Our authors add: “We have learned that confronting creationism is not a scientific matter but rather a political one.” One had suspected so. It’s their style to think that way.

Stop! Is this stuff just a parody of all the Darwin lobby schtick we’ve heard over the years in North America? No, wait, now we see: These people are not creative enough to interest a gifted parodist, so they must do the job themselves.

See also: Tom Wolfe on Evolution as a Theory of Everything. The Eurocracy likes theories of everything well enough.

Council of Europe thinks ID threatens human rights. Pot. Kettle.


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Okay, look, White Cliffs wasn’t funny when it happened. But Europeans do get wound up in some crazy stuff, and … chill, will you? The world won’t end if Darwin is wrong.

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